Wednesday, November 15, 2006


mug cosy 2

Shveetie's sister absolutely loves it! I am so stoked it turned out well and that she's over the moon with it! We went over to their (his mum and sister's) house for dinner last night for her birthday and gifted her some motorbike gloves ans a little teeny figurine of a dogger as similar to her little Tibetan Spaniel as we could get - she was thrilled with those too.

What a combination hey? Shveetie was musing as he watched me sew in the ends before wrapping the cosie up - "I wonder how many people have ever received motorbike gloves and a knitted mug cosie at once for their birthday? Record making stuff, you reckon?"

hehe I reckon!

Super yummy dinner, followed by super yummy dessert (shveetie's mum is an incredible cook), good humoured chatting with some bouts of hilarious laughter then shveetie's sister enjoyed a nice hot drink in her new cosied cup!!

mug cosy

It knit up extremely quickly, I started it on Monday and only was able to knit on it between work hours etc.. I'm also uber please with the subtle V shape that appeared due to the increases in the pattern, and the little garter stitch edge at the handle opening - lovely lovely! And oh-so-glam with the fluffy boa-like cuffs! Think I will have to make some more of these! This pattern was suited to a glass cafe-style mug, which as you can see in the photo widen towards the top - hence the increases needed. So leave the increases out and one could make regular mug shaped cosies too! I'm also starting a lovely little knitted beer cosie *grin* To work as a stubby holder - insulate the chilled beverage! Is the world prepared for squillions of hand-knit mug cosies and beer cosies??? I HOPE SO!!!


bink said...

It's booodiful :)

How fantastic that you can just sit down and make something so cool!! I'm uber impressed :)

Sasha said...

thanks Binkett :)
I have to say, I'm still pretty amazed myself by it all! And this one in particular - so quick! So simple! So cosy! xoxo