Saturday, October 30, 2010

Knitting for Tassie

On our last trip to Tassie I knit the very first stitches of my current project - Audrey in Unst.

The project had to languish a little while while I gift-crafted and was otherwise engaged, but the last little while I have been back on track and making some good progress.

Driving and Knitting

This cardi feels like all things Tassie to me - the lush wonderful green hues of the Dream in Colour Smooshy (Happy Forest) are all the amazing variety of greens on our block - the tree ferns, the eucalypts, the moss and all the myriad of other greenery and life.

Permaculture in Tassie

The pattern itself speaks to me of our block in Tasmania - the twisted stitch rib like tall strong lithe stems, the stockinette is the smooth moss on the clearing and the unst lace makes me think of little poke holes to plant seeds in to, the cultivation and planting.

Permaculture in Tassie (1)

It's down to a few sleeps until we are up up and away - and I am still knitting away, hoping to be able to wear my cardigan while we are there. The cardigan is knit bottom up, and at this stage I am finished to the underarms, completed the right front and now on to the left front. Knitting of the sleeves, back and left front remains, and also the button band. Here we gooooo!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Wildflower Winkie

One of my Grandmothers recently celebrated her birthday, and since she was the first lady to introduce me (many many moons ago!) to knitting I knew she would appreciate a hand made gift.

I've been working on my crochet skills a little and felt confident in making a gift-worthy item - albeit a simple one!

Wildflowers Winkie

My Gran cooks wonderful delicious things, particularly baked goods, so a large Winkie Square Pot Holder would be just the ticket for her dining table! The colours of this yarn, fabulous koigu KPPPM, are just the wildflower hues that my Gran loves - it was the perfect match!

Wildflowers Winkie (2)

The shot above gives a size comparison with the fork. Basically I started in the centre crocheting a standard Granny Square pattern and just kept going and going and going until I felt it was a suitable size!

Monday, October 25, 2010


One of the lovely things about living in a camp is coming back after work to find everything all nicely made :)


(plus we are absolutely spoilt at this site - a couple's room!)

Monday, October 18, 2010

Our Gate

I love our gate - seeing it fills me with all the glorious dreamy feelings and inspirational sparks for our future.

Our Gate

I think it symbolises our land to me in some way. When we're ON our land, through the gate and walking in the wilderness with no visible fence or infrastructure at all, it's more like we're with the land and part of it - but the gate reminds me that I'm not just wandering through an amazing part of nature and will wander back to the car and drive away - but that this little possie is where we will be building our future, our family and our lives together.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Mum's Mr purplejeans

My wonderful Mama is knitting away on a lovely cardigan at the moment. It is her first knitted cardigan or significant article of clothing after a long hiatus as she has only recently re-taken up knitting. After knitting a pair of Ysolda's garter stitch mitts to refamiliarise with knitting it was on to a bigger project, and Mum, you are going FABULOUSLY!!

It is indescribably fantastic spending time with Mum knitting together, and sharing this craft - talks of yarn, projects, what-should-I-do-here, colours and all the other things we knitters discuss. What an extra added gem to my incredible treasure-chest relationship with my lovely Mum to now share knitting too!!


Mum is knitting up a Mr Greenjeans, but we call it Mr Purplejeans as Mum is knitting with Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran Tweed in this fabulous rustic purple tweed (the photos do not do the purple tones any justice!)

Mums Fabulousness!

It has been such a ball already on the cardigan adventure together. Selecting a pattern, working through the pattern (see wee schematic above) and then the yarn shop crawl! Finding the right yarn is of course vital to a delicious knitted item ;D Mum and I left the store with this wonderful booty bag of purple tweedy balls for Mum's cardigan adventure!

Mums Fabulousness! (1)

Sending so many knitterly wishes and warm fuzzies for smooth, relaxing, interesting and educational knitting, Mum - I adore sharing this extra crafty delight together :)

Monday, October 04, 2010

New Favourite Beveridge

Tasty Bevvie

Gin & Tonic - with lemon and frozen rasberries.


Friday, October 01, 2010

Cooking Frenzy!

I had a training day at work last week which gave me an early knock off - what did I do with that extra time?


It wasn't a planned frenzy - I simply used all of the tasty things I had in the fridge and pantry...
Fetta cheese, pumpkin seeds and pine nuts (sauteed in butter and vegie stock), potato, sweet potatoe, vegie sausage, ricotta cheese, caramalised onion, white cream sauce...

Cooking frenzy

Which became a delicious pastry-less quiche!


I dutifully cut it into portions and froze them for yummy lunches once we return up north!