Friday, April 30, 2010

ticked off

That's just how I feel at the moment - Well, perhaps that's a rather diplomatic and mild manner of putting it. But I feel cranky, and rotten and rather upset!

One of those days when the politics, and small-mindedness and petty people make an impact and get through, causing needless trouble.

I really do think they should look after their own business and stop minding mine. They're doing a poor job of minding my business and I'd much rather they leave THAT to me, and go back to minding their OWN!


Non-crafty post, and also quite emotionally charged - so I apologise for that! I feel better having vented, though - and now will hop in to bed with my current knit, and that will improve my mood even further I'm sure! :)

Here's a lovely photo of our adorable Chilli to seal the deal...


Thursday, April 15, 2010

Deadly Dreadlocks

Yes, you better believe it! I am now a dread-headed dreadlocked lassie!

It's something I've wanted to do for a VERY long time, and in fact I had 'non-permanent' dreads put in for the high school ball, and then proceeded to ignore the hairdressers' warnings about taking them out straight away - I left them in for 3 weeks or so since I loved them so much! Many hours of combing got them out, but I always wanted proper ones and have pined and thought of them often since then.

My hair is very long, straight and thin/fine - and for almost all of my life I've had the same long, straight hairstyle (or lack of style?). Being a bit of a tom-boy I've never put much effort or thought in to my hair, but loved the long silky shininess and twirling the strands around my fingers :)

Long and Straight

But I've been thinking of the deadly dreadlies more and more and at last.. I've taken that final step and had wonderful lovely locks put in!

Inspired by dreadly ladies such as
Emily and Jas it was only a weeny little nudge to get me off the edge and plunging into dreadlocked magnificence!

Getting Dreadly - Mosaic

The ladies I got dreaded with are AMAZING - an absolutely wonderous bunch of open minded, delightful, inquisitive and warm hearted women. How blissful to spend a day with them, they weaving my hair into dreads while I knit and we talked together of families, experiences and the world around us.

I am SO thrilled with my dreads! I know they will only get better and better too as they plump out and bulk up a little over the coming months.

Dreadlocks Mosaic - Days 0 and 1

I've given a bit of space to the wild and creative side of myself and I LUFF it! :D
It feels like (and I know this sounds silly because "it's only hair"...) I'm more myself now, and that is WONDERFUL!

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Breaking news!

This just in!

I have been... PROMOTED!!


Champagne and Cashmere all round!!

This is BIG news - it means job satisfaction, it means DOUBLE my current income, it means learning new things, it means paying off our Vendor Finance in time - it means AWESOME!!!

Monday, April 05, 2010

iPig to be

I've been knitting up a shock of pink!
This little tube is destined to be an ipod cosy for my amazing manager's little daughter who is OBSESSED with everything coloured PINK!

iPIG - March 21

Here modelled by my weeny wee sketching man (it also seems functional as a minature sleeping bag?) I'm not very far through for reasons similar to the gift knitting problem - of knitting mostly in the dark and at meetings. Once I've fixed up a minor issue with the ribbing in this one it'll be back to zooming along without looking.

iPIG - March 21 (1)

I plan to add widdle ears and a curliry tail and a BIG pink button nose once I've knit up the body of the cosy - perfect for a 5-and-a-half year old!

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Gift Knitting

I have a bit of gift knitting on the needles at the moment - problem is... it's a lace pattern.

Gift Knit

I love lace, so no problem there, but even though it's a repetitive 2 row lace pattern, I still need a little bit of light while I'm knitting away at it - suffice to say it's taking a little longer to knit up than I had expected, since most of my knitting is done in the dark or in meetings when I need to keep eye contact! Ah well., we'll get there in the end :)

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Cute Suprise!

Did you seeeee?

Ravelry had a super cute little prank for everyone on April Fools day - all our ravelry avatars had funny hats!

knit nut copper

I found myself to be a lady copper for the day, maintaining control and dishing out JUSTICE where required! heheee!

Did you wear a funny hat, on ravelry or otherwise? Did you prank, or get pranked?!