Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Winkie Squares

I've spent some time lately learning how to crochet; first chains, half double crochet, and I have now learned the classic Granny Square!

maiden crochet

When I flew back home recently, I had returned for the day to give support to my family and attend the funeral of a wonderful great aunt of mine - known as Aunty Winkie. I think I will always think of Granny Squares as Winkie Squares as she was as sunshiney, reliable, versatile and free as my first Granny Square. What a wonderful memory to embed into a fibre art :)

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Turn a 180

I recently flew back home for a one day family stop over, and while I was there was able to gift the finished Lovely Warm Slightly Fuzzy beanie to my wonderful Papa. He loves it, and is currently over in the snow testing the warmth in some seriously cold climes!

Turn a 180 (1)

When I first planned this beanie my shweetie recommended the classic fold up brim style, extolling the virtues of added warmth over the ears. So I looked through my favourites and found Jared Flood's Turn a Square and decided the pattern could be easily adapted to include a fold up brim. The yarn I used, Entwine, is a bulky weight, so I followed the 60 stitch cast on others had used for bulky weight - which worked out brilliantly!

Turn a 180

The colours are so perfect for Dad, and the geometrical crown pattern adds a nice element of interest. Dad is a keen snowboarder (yes, I'm aware he out-cools me by a long way!) and this year he plans to learn the jump 180 degree turn (okay, by a long long way) - so I've christened this project Turn a 180, and hope it will keep Dad's bonce and ears nice and toasty, whatever awesome moves he gets up to on the slopes!

Monday, August 02, 2010


In the knitting world we're familiar with many acronyms;
FO - Finished Object
WIP - Work in Progress
LYS - Local Yarn Shop
...and so on.

In the construction industry the two most important acronyms are;
R&R - Rest and Recuperation
RDO - Rostered Day Off

Some times an RDO isn't actually a day off, we need to come in - but on those days they ARE actually a day off, they are blissful.
Knitting RDO

This photo is from the last RDO I had off and it shows just the type of day off I love - lounging on the bed with a plethora of yarn and knitting projects around me! How delicious!