Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sasha Socks

Before my fellow knitter inoriz headed off with her family on their Great Adventure across the continent, she gave me a parting gift *sniffle*

sasha yarn (1)

This lovely skein has been hand-dyed by Jo, and even named after me!!

It's a lovely sock yarn, and I LUFF the colours - the bright electric lime and the fabulous turqouisey aqua - I knew I had to be selfish and knit something for ME from this wonderful skein of friendship.

sasha yarn

And so I started knitting up a pair of socks!

Sasha Socks @ airport

Great for travel and carting around everywhere - here is the beginning of the first sock right after I landed at an airport and was waiting (and waiting... and waiting) for work to pick me up.

SIDE NOTE: How exciting that soon we Aussies will be able to knit ON planes again! Not have to stow our knitting away in the checked baggage then whisk it out to knit on as soon as the bags come out on the carousel!

Sasha Socks!

A nice plain style sock with a gusset heel - stockinette so they're nice and easy to knit in the dark or while I'm in meetings etc..

(excuse poor quality phone photos)

The one oddity and interesting feature (that you can't actually see very well in this picture) is I have knit a left and a right sock! So the toe is biased to one side or the other for PERFECT fit on my tootsies!

Sasha Socks

They're not quite finished, but further along than this photo - both heels now complete and working up the cuff. I whisked the needles out to knit up my lovely Mum's Christmas socks, so as soon as I've finished those shimmery shoe liners (ahem, yes, not finished yet) I can put the needles back into my Sasha Socks!

Jolene, thank you SO very much for your friendship, generosity, yarn, and thoughtfulness. Though you're further away in distance now, you're not further away in friendship :)

Friday, January 15, 2010

Organic Icecream


Organic Icecream (1)

I knit this little number up in a jiffy, sometime back in October (thank you Ravelry!) and it only took me one evening since it's such a wee little thing! I've finally sewn in the ends and realised I hadn't taken an FO shot, so here we are :)

It reminds me of a scoop of wonderful creamy delicious ice cream - don't you think?!

Knit out of Bernat Organic Cotton, it's destined for one of the tiny people who seem to be popping up (out?) everywhere!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Uh oh...

There's been a wee hold put on my knitting progress over the last couple of days...

uh oh

Monday, January 11, 2010

A New Year

Oooh what promise and potential it bears!

I have had such a wonderful and action-packed break over the festive period, with Christmases, time at home, time away, time with family and friends, and our wee Scamp come to stay with us! Thank you so very much, all, for your lovely birthday well wishes :) I had a marvellous day, was very spoilt and am now happily on my 28th lap of the sun!

100109 KOIGU! (7)

Before I look ahead with glee at this fabulous and well-balanced-feeling year (2010 - don't you think it seems so solid and grounded?) I want to have a little acknowledgement of 2009 and achievements therein.

100109 KOIGU! (9)

My main mission of the year was the 52 in 52 challenge - manifested both in book and craft form. In both categories I fell a little short, but had an absolute BLAST recording my progress and seeing my completions! I found that I was able to prioritise what I wanted to create and read, and was more aware of what I was doing and absorbing - it was a wonderful experience!

I highly recommend giving this a shot; if not with books or craft, perhaps with something else you like to do? (52 bush walks to try... bands to listen to... movies to watch... ??) In fact I enjoyed the 52 in 52 SO much that I'm doing it AGAIN in 2010! Hurrah!! :D

100109 KOIGU! (5)

My other general plans include;
  • To refocus on my stash, and using all of the glorious goodies hidden therein
  • To craft MORE! Particularly while I'm working FIFO without my shweetie - what an opportunity to get my knit on!!
  • To revisit my list of 101 in 1001 - so heinously neglected!
I'll blog about these (and who KNOWS what else?!) in more detail in posts to come - for now I'm off to bed with my current book! May your year past and your year ahead both teach and embrace you!

Saturday, January 09, 2010


Western Sunset

I'm snatching a moment amongst a busy birthday (27 today!) to send a quick HELLO! and tell you all that I am in fact still on this planet, happy, healthy, crafting along well and hope you all are too!

We've just seen Fantastic Mr Fox at the movies (one of my all time favourite books) and now we're going to have some lunch, a swim and then head off for a Hawaiian Luau style bbq at the water front!