Thursday, June 28, 2007

Knitting continues and continues

Our little red car has finally had the biscuit. It will still putt-putt its way along but certainly isn't up to the great distances I drive to and from work each day. So now I'm a proud patron of public transport Monday to Friday, which gives me about two hours of pure knitting time EACH WAY! Four hours a day!! So as you can imagine my needles have been flying, getting white hot from all the friction as they clickitty clickitt, clickitty click me to and from work!

I've been working away diligently at my Gryffindor shrug and it's coming along VERY nicely!
I've also been working on the Dashings for Skoota, but stopped part way up the cuff as I needed the needles for the secret project I've been working on! I'm not giving any details now, I don't want word to spread *wink* But I actually finished it yesterday on the morning bus trip, but when i looked at it in more detail realised it was wrong wrong WRONG! *sigh* nevermind! More details later, when it's not so top-secret. Suffice to say I needed something else instead, and QUICK! So I've cast on Secret Project Take 2, and have gotten a good start on it this morning on my trip into work. I'm very much looking forward to my trip home so I can do some more!! =D


It seems an age since the last knitting group, but I can't wait for the next one! I might need some help with this Secret Project too.. there's a part in the pattern I don't quite understand - I'm hoping it will become clear when I get to that point and have the yarn, needles and structure of the item in my hot little handies - but if not I might have to cry "Annnnnne!!" hehehe =)

The table above shows my little section of our vast table at the last Citiknits session - tasty beverage, several knitting patterns, scrumptious yarn and good company - perfect!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Secet Pal Spoilee Installment #2


Karen, my Secret Pal, is the awesome-est, most generous and WARM FUZZY person!!!
*dances about with extreme excitement and glee*

Can you tell I received another of her GINORMOUS and completely BRILLIANT packages!!?
Well I did! *grin*
Wanna see what she sent me? *grins and giggles with more glee*

Lovely polka dot package! How sweet!!
package 2
This little beauty came a long long way - it was actually the first package Karen sent, but the 2nd one beat it here - but I tell you what, these goodies are MORE than worth the wait!


I tore off the paper with child-like zest, Skoota was sitting with me on the couch to enjoy the thrill and festivities, but his fingers were close to his ears, ready to protect his eardrums from my squealing!!
box o goodies!
And squealing there was! Just look at the BEVY of beautiful little parcels inside the big parcel!! And is that chocolate I spy..?

Karen has really done her homework and knows me so well already!! All of these treats and pressies suit me to a T - even a little sparkly tree faery - just like I used to be!! (I worked at a Fairy shop in my youthier youth) Sheepie notecards, tasty chocs, Canadian playing cards and some handknit items!! HAND KNIT ITEMS!!! *more excited dancing* Lovely cotton cloths - how divine! And Karen even spoiled me with some cotton to make my own! I must get the pattern from her for the intriguing geometric ball shape - how cleverly knit!!
secret pal stash 2!!
I can't wait to have a go dyeing yarn with the Kool Aid she sent too! So many sachets of colour/flavour to try!! Wheeee!! And when I'm finished I can clean my hands with the luscious vanilla hand lotion - mmmm! Hehe.. what's that you see there, nestled amongst the goodies, why.. a copy of the Yarn Harlot's new book -that's what!! *more and more happy dancing* Including some super awesome knitterly accessoreis from the store Karen visited on her Fibre weekend - an emery board with yarn on it, and a super wicked awesomeness KNITTER'S PEN! I know for a fact it's a knitter's pen, designed by and for knitters, because it has biro on one end... hilighter on the other!! Perfect!!

But wait... just when you think the pirate-worthy booty of deliciousness can't get any better... I flipped open the new shiny book and saw some writing inside "Oh magic!" I thought, "Karen's written in it for me for posterity!" but noooo... I looked closer and what did I decipher...? Not Karen's writing, but...
SIGNED copy!
I am now the proud and protective owner of a SIGNED copy of Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's new book!! UNREAL!!! I squealed a LOT and ran to show Skoota, who had by this time wandered off to other endeavours, and explained to him that I may very well get mobbed for having a signed copy of this book - how many signed copies can there be in Oz!?!? WHEEEEE!!!!

*pants a little from all the happy dancing and excited uber-fast talking*

So, there is no way for me to express enough gratitude to Karen so all her thought and effort, care and charisma she's put into my packages. I truly-ruly appreciate it Karen :) You absolutely made my day, my week!

Monday, June 25, 2007

Allow me to introduce..

and her friend,

Golden Chai

golden chai

Time for their close up beauty shots...
lush minglush golden chai

Artfibers surprise!!

Oh my goodness! The Marvellous Mary Jo has returned from her San Fran trip and brought with her my fibery treats! I asked her if she could bring back a couple of Knitterly goodies for me from San Fran, gave her a maximum price limit and an idea of the colours I'm into.. and boy did she deliver!

The stunning Artfibers store was her destination of choice - a fabulous store completely knit-centered with patterns, design help and even "yarn tastings"!! They have their own exclusive line of yarns - all of which are exquisite! The magical and delightful Jenny and Nicole of Stash'n'Burn podcast recommended Artfibers to me, as somewhere to direct Mary Jo towards - and they were so right!

Mary Jo brought back two cones for me.. and I'm speechless and gobsmacked, overwhelmed and in complete adoration over them!! I can't upload pictures til I get them home to my camera and flickr upload, but there are pictures and details over on the Artfibers website.

Golden Chai - tussah silk, Colour #35, 590yds, 179g [Gauge: 22 sts, 28rows = 4", 4mm needles]

Ming - 50% silk, 50% superfine merino, colour #13 , 434yds, 152g [Gauge:19sts, 25rows =4", 5mm needles]

I've been thinking on what I'd like to create with such divine yarns, and I think I'll go with a wrap, stole or rectangular style shawl for each- sort of like a pashmina style item that I can wrap or throw around myself - wear at work or casual, or with an elegant dress also - YUM! I really wanted something truly lovely to make from such special yarn - so I think that's what I'll do! If you have any ideas for patterns I could use, given the amounts I have, please let me know! Bring on the creative juices!

Oooh, I'm just so in love with these yarns! Will snap shots and put them up when I get home - get a napkin ready for your drooling!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Wet Weekend

This morning we woke up to stormy sounds outside, wind thrashing, thunder and the static-like sound of millions of raindrops hitting the earth. Yesterday I admired another stunning sunrise on my drive to work - Australia surely does present when it comes to the sunrise stakes!
June sunrise
But today the weather has taken a decidedly colder, stormier turn - which is fitting, seeing as it's Winter - so we'll be staying inside to finish the sorting and arranging of the house.

Last night I went on a zip-lock frenzy and bagged up the entire Bendigo Haul! Geez I love those little baggies!! No more festy carpet beetles for MY stash!!
Although.. there has been an alarming development this morning with my Studio-To-Be. At the moment it's full to the brim with boxes, no shelving units or anything so I can't really unpack and set up yet. But we we took possession of the house the studio had this damp smell about it, as if the carpet had been left wet at one stage. Well, today we found the source. Skoota went in to check that the roof wasn't leaking - we paced about looking at the ceiling for damp spots - and I found a strange looking bit near the back doorway. I poked it so see what it was like... AND MY FINGER WENT THROUGH!! This newly poked hole started pouring water immediately, so we grabbed a bucket and shuddered.. we'll have to fill out a maintenance report - hopefully they'll be prompt in their repairs.

So.. do I trust the studio and leave the rest of my stash items and books in there? That seems to be the only leaky spot on the roof.. I don't know!! *dilemma*

To calm myself I've been knitting away on the beginnings of Skoot's Dashing Mitts - and they're coming along very well!
Dashing beginnings
Right - Now I must go and make myself useful! Have a fun weekend!

Friday, June 22, 2007

Bag o' Bendigo Booty!

Monday this week I took a day off work. A Wellness Day was very much required to de-stress, settle the house a bit more and basically Self-Care. I'm feeling much better now :)

And thank GOODNESSI was at home - because there was a knock at the door and a huuuuuge parcel was waiting on the doorstep! Just look at the size of it!! (I put my shoes and armchair next to it for size comparison - Ginormous!)
bendigo parcel
It's the Big Bag of Bendigo Booty! hooray!! =D A week ago or so I put in an order for a range of yarn from the Bendigo mill in NSW, having heard fabulous things about them from knitterly friends! They had sent me out a great range of shade cards showing all their yummy yarns and such, which was perfect - I was able to check out exactly which colours I wanted and get a real feel for the yarn texture and so on. They were very helpful, and sent out the shade cards for free complete with a 10% discount on my first purchase.

Well! Purchase I did!! Look at all the goodies lurking down inside the postal sack!
bendigo goodies
And the haul is certainly nothing to be sneezed at! It certainly surprised Skoot when I excitedly displayed the cannon-ball sized woolly acquisitions to him!! In response to his ill-disguised startlement I reminded him that I had told him of my order placement, to which he replied "yeah but I didn't think you'd bought half the store!!" Which is actually a reasonably valid point... LOOK!!
bendigo haul
Yes, that's right.. 13 balls of yarn - each one 200g in weight and FANTASTIC!! I'm so thrilled *massive cheshire cat grin* Granted 2 of the balls were bought on half of others, and one if a gift, but that still leaves an addition of TEN cannon-balls to my already seam-bursting stash - so I must be a restrained and disciplined WINDOW SHOPPER from now on - no more purchases for a while, thank-you very much!

But I should have no trouble in that regard - I have so many lovely treats in my own stash to knit with! And these lovely cannons are a very welcome addition =D Two balls are the Harmony yarn - a wool/cotton/lycra combo I have in mind for some baby knits (Elf Hats I reckon!) as I have a close friend and a cousin both due in October! Better get cracking!
bendigo harmony
I think this particular blend will be well suited to baby knits. A bit of elasticity, soft and snuggly, but not too warm (one of the babies will be living in Darwin!) - poifect!

These two luscious balls of yarn helped to appease Skoota *grin* they're 100% Alpaca and soooo soft and delicious! I can't WAIT to start knitting up a beanie or some such for myself - I need something to keep my little earsies warm in the mornings! One of the balls, the Oceania colourway on the left, was purchased as a Thank-You gift to the lovely Cheryl at my work, who has promised to teach me how to knit socks with a grafted Dutch heel! oooer!!
bendigo alpaca

And finally, four balls of superwash baby wool in a frosty white; 2 balls 3ply, 2 balls 4ply. I bought these with a mind to start doing some regular dye-work, particularly to try out my exciting new acid dye range! Ooohhh!! *excitement*
bendigo tower o yarn
I decided the 3 and 4 ply yarn would allow me to make up sock yarn sized skeins, thus allowing me to try many different dye methods and colour combinations. I'm really looking forward to having a go! Maybe I can squeeze in some time this weekend.....

P.S Many thanks and warm knitterly wishes for everyone's kind comments and well wishes for our new home :) We're really enjoying being in our lovely new place together!

Thursday, June 21, 2007


This little pile of yarn off cuts can only mean one thing!! .....
shrug yarn ends
I've woven in all the ends or my shrug so far and SEAMED one of the shoulders!! EEEEeeee!! I'm very much on my way to my first hand-knitting garment! A real garment!!
shrug one sleeve
*dances about with much enthusiasm*
I'm not sure if it will be that long, being that I'm only "wearing" one side, and no collar ribbing yet - but I just HAD to try it on! It's a real sleeve now!!
Picture sashcam 033
I know the flash is too bright.. but can you see my seam?! Doesn't it blend in SO well!! I'm so SO very impressed with the wonders of mattress stitch! I had been hesitant to give it a go after bastardising my first attempt when seaming up Skoot's beanie from handspun - but now I blame the irregularity of the knitted handspun fabric, because this is working brilliantly!
shrug dodgy seam
My only digruntled-ness is at the cuff/arm join there - you can see the wonky part of the rib. I'd been pulling the fabric taut as I went - sewing a little, drawing it tight, sewing a little more etc.. Then I got all the way to the red, tied off my yellow yarn and *gasp* No! I'd forgotten to pull up the last excess yarn loop from drawing the bottom section taut! So I tried to pull it from the top, but it kinked up the top stitches from where I'd tied off my yarn *pout* Nevermind! That's the only error I made so far so I'm happy with that! So tonight I'm onto the next sleeve! Ooooeer it's exciting!! =D

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Hogwarts Hotties

I wanted to gush a little bit more about Charmed Knits *grin*

The more I browse through this super fun book the more projects I find that I want to make!

The Phoenix Tear Scarf is so unusual - designed on the Phoenix feathery tail, and crystal healing tear drops of Fawks, Dumbledore's charismatic feathery friend.
phoenix tears scarf
I'm very much drawn to the asymmetrical style of scarf - one end feathery, fanciful and full, the other straight edged, simple and almost thinner somewhat.

Some charming little baby beanies are featured in Charmed Knits too, Elf Hats!!
Elf hats
I have a couple of new Mum 's on the way in my fold - a cousin and a dear close friend, and have had my ears pricked and eyes keen for any engaging baby knits - and lo! The Elf Hats! I'm very excited and am looking forward to casting on! ... Again!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Warmth for our mitts!

Or perhaps this post should be titled "I did a bad bad thing" because.. well, I suppose this is a safe and supportive place to voice my sins..
I indulged. I gave in. I purchased.
My weak will power did not mae the cut, could not stand strong against the herd of bargainus totalius I saw at the last Library Knittin group *sigh* That is of course, the remarkable and very alluring species that are sometimes found lurking in shopping centres, in baskets or bins are the front of stores, and even more recently this intriguing creature appears to have extended its habitat to online areas and even my humble knitting circle!!

It was there that the bargainus totalius - commonly known as the BARGAIN or GREAT-DEAL - was lying in wait last week. It's plummage all fluffed and displayed to best advantage to lure it's prey - we the inquisitive knitter. It was almost as if this herd of BARGAINS knew that we knitters are at our most vulnerable when in packs at knitting groups, spurring on by the orgy of patterns lying about, and the creative mind space we're in when at such waterholes.

Suffice to say, I fell victim to the coloured plummage and textured coat of the BARGAIN, and came away with 6, YES COUTN THEM SIX, balls of delicious, snuggly, luxurious Jo Sharp SilkRoad. Mmmmm..... You SEE?! The bargainus totalius has me under it's hypnotic gaze STILL NOW!! *shakes head* Goodness Gracious!!
snuggly haul!

I was initially looking for some yarn for some tasty warm mitts for skoot and I - I have in mind Dashings and Fetchings from the fabooo I ended up with 2 balls of each - the nightsky grey DK for Skoota's Dashings, the scarlet merlot Aran for my Fetchings, aaannndd... yes another 2 balls of the DK in taht scrummy aqua for Dashings for me! *bashful look* Well it was such a BARGAIN!!!! hehe plus, I really do need mitts now that the weather's turning cold. The mornings are FREEZING - and seeing as we leave for work so early, the steering wheel's cold, or waiting for the train.. so cooold.. see? I'm completely justified! (If only I can find time to knit them!) So now I have yarn, and pattern but couldn't find my 4mm needles all packed away in a box somewhere, and *gasp* no 4.5MM DPNS?!!

Then, just in the nick of time, what should arrive but..

sash cam 021

My brand spanking new casein needles! Hoorah! I've wanted to try these for some time, but had always considered they would be far more expensive than this humble knitter's needs and expenditure - but what should I find when browsing the Perth stores online.. the caseins were the cheapest! Unbereeeevable!! So I ordered them and they arrived the NEXT DAY! How's that!? I was pretty chuffed :)
cassein needles
I've got a set of 4mm DPNs for the Fetchings but needed some 4.5mm for the Dashings. Although.. the Jo Sharp tweed suggests a 4mm needles, not the 4.5mm the Dashing pattern calls for.. even though the Tweed and the pattern yarn are the same gauge.. hmm. So I'm casting on with the caseins and I'll see how it goes for gauge. After checking skoota's measurements I'll definately be needing the larger size - and even that may be a little too tight! But I'm hoping that the stitches will have some give, and that it will be a comfy fit after some wear.

I sort of get the feeling lately though that I might've bitten off more than I can chew.. Gran's shawl still in the works, my shrug, some gish-cloths, another secret pressie and a pair of Dashings for Skoot? eeeeeeep! nevermind -I'll just focus on one at a time and keep tonking along! If I catch public transport to work a bit more I'll zoom through my prjoects list!

It's official!

We are now officially moved in! Skoota handed back the keys for The Hovel today, so we are now OUT of the stinky old place and officially (and gloriously) IN the fabulous delicious new home!! Hoooray! =D

My lovely workmates put together and gifted Skoot and I a gorgeous housewarming doormat!! We're thrilled to bits with it!
new doormat!
Doesn't it look great there with the dark wooden and shiny shiny floor boards? Mmmmm... And the gift arrived with the funniest timing! Sunday Skoot and I were at the hardware store to purchase some doormats, some for the back doors and one for the front - only problem was.. we couldn't agree on the KIND of doormat for the front door! Skoot wanted an ultra practical but plastic plastic (not so) fantastic looking thing, and I was going for the truthfully not so scrubby but STUNNINGLY wrought-iron looking celtic knot style felted mat.. so we left with two plastic fantastics for the back doors - one of which we would use for the front 'til we could come to a compromise. The very next day the girls gave me our gift!! I started laughing when I opened it and told them Skoot'd think I was having him on to get my own way "Ooh.. yess.. it's a.. uhh.. GIFT!!" Hehehe but it was indeed, a happy compromise and a lovely reminder of my friends whenever we cross the thresh-hold of our charming new home!

The other knit-nutterly item that's officially official is.. I'm ready to seam my GryffindorTwo-Tone Shrug !! Yaaaay!! =D
Gryffindor shrug sleeves
I've been working away at the shrug pretty steadily as I want to be sure it's done by the up'n'coming Harry Potter moofie premier July 3rd (EEEE!!!) - plus it's a super fun knit and I'm really enjoying the feeling of seeing my progress zoom off the needles! So I bound off the second sleeve today as I was Pub-Tranning (public transporting) my way to work, I used a much large size needle and tried to bind off loosely, as I wanted to be sure the sleeve ends would be nice and comfy - and I have a tendency to bind off very tightly! So now I must research my seaming methods (eeep!) and seam the two sleeves' sides together then I can get on to the big job of picking up the stitches around the neckline and rib rib ribbling all the way around!

Many other exciting things have happened over the last couple of days - other packages (not SP - Karen - sorry!) arrived, projects cast on, ideas sprung forth etc.. but I don't have time tonight to post any more! The anticipation will simply have to build and BUILD until tomorrow!! =D

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Secret Pal Spoilee Installment #1 - a.k.a "EEEEEE!!!!"

Our ADSL connection has FINALLY been connected - and just in time!!

My first Secret Pal Pacakge has arrived!! =D
sash cam 015
Technically it's my 2nd Secret Pal package, as package #1 is taking a dreamy holiday cruise across tropical islands and other exotic locations - so it will arrive in it's own good time! hehehe! Just look how SPOILT I am!! Yes, count them, SIX gorgeously wrapped gifties in the one parcel! EEeeeeeee!!!!

I am absolutely THRILLED to bits, and have to send a GINORMOUS warm, snuggly, chocolate-coated *HUG* out to Karen, my fabulous, magical Secret Pal - your are PSYCHIC Karen, and know all my weaknesses!! Lucky you're my Secret Pal, not my Comic Book Nemesis or I'd be in BIG trouble!! =D

As you can see from the laid out, displayed GOODIE STASH below, Karen is extremely generous and showered me with awesome goodies, such as a yummy vanilla candle (burning happily away on the mantel piece actually, lovely warm scent wafting from it - mmm!), cute little 'S' sticky notes, super cute TwistedWhiskers dogger note cards (one of which I've already sent off to someone!) ...
sash cam 020

Karen lives in Canada and I am STOKED that she included a Canadian goodie - the little maple leaf tote bag!! Yay!! I adore it and will make it my new little knitting tote I reckon! =)

And my two favourites.. you see them there, lying amidst the other treats and goodies.. oh yes... ALPACAAAAA.... *drools a little* And not just any alpaca, BABY Alpaca! By Misti Alpaca, a Candian yarn company, hoorah!! And in such a stunning green colour, very natural, and almost with a strand of black through it too - very fondle-friendly, in fact I've been spotted on more than one occasion carrying it with me, nestling my cheek into the soft warm snuggly skein.. My lovely SP had generously given me TWO skeins, 400m length in each, any suggestions for what I could knit from it? I'd love to make a shawl or a wrap for myself from it.. Please comment with ideas and hot tips! =)

Then the psychic finale.. CHARMED KNITS! The book I have been eyeing off and considering purchasing, then deciding I should wait, then jumping in again keen to purchase.. then waiting.. and now I know why! Karen has gifted it to me instead!! *huge hugs to Karen* I suppose it's quite clearly evident that I'm quite keen on the Hogwarty goodness of J. K Rowlings book series, so this book Charmed Knits is an absolutely glorious addition to my bookshelves! So many fun and Magical knits inside! Where to start?!
Invisibility shawl
Maybe this Invisibility Cloak rectangular shawl would work well with some of the alpaca...? It IS in a lace weight.. ?

I cannot thank Karen enough for her generous and thoughtful gifts =) *hands her a tray of tasty warm Anzac biscuits* THANK-YOU! Now I'm off to enjoy the spoils! *wink*

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Move yourself!

Well this weekend (and probably the next few!) has been chockablock full of packing, sorting, moving and lifting - Phew!! But we are now officially relocated and settling in to our newww home! YAY!! *does happy dancings*

We didn't hire any professional movers, but had loads of lovely friends and family help us over the weekend - seeing as we have our own ute and trailer - and doesn't our fantabulous modular lounge fit so PERFECTLY into the ute tray!!

moving trip

As always, moving was a lot of work - and we still have to return to The Hovel to fix up the gardens and such - but with such generous and hard-working loved-ones it was a breeze shifting ourselves! Skoot was particularly marvellous - patient, eager, practical - a real treasure!
We are absolutely thrilled to bits to be in such a lovely new home. We keep wandering around with these dopey cheshire cat grins on our faces - exclaiming to one another "There's just so much SPACE!" or "It's so goooooorgeous!" or even "EEEEEEE!!!!!!!" - though admittedly that last one is more often me.. not Skoot..
Not only is the house super-duper spacious, well set out and full of stunning natural light, but the polished boards, warm colours and SHINY BRASS FITTINGS make it an instant 'home' feeling, like an old estate home *sighs contentedly*

brass handle

I even have my very own studio out the back of the house, with full glass door surrounds looking out onto the patio and garden - BLISS! I'm very much looking forward to getting things in order, making/buying some bookshelves, sideboards and so on and setting up our living (and crafting!) spaces =D I'm imagining knitting groups held every now and then down in the studio, lounging on the couch together knittnig and spinning, the doors thrown wide open, sunlight streaming in and the sound of birds twittering outside on the lawn... *sighs contentedly again*
p.s. Amidst all this moving and shaking we've decided to change Internet provider, so for the next couple of weeks blog spots may be fewer and farer between, and I might be a little tardy at returning emails!
*sighs contentedly once more just for good measure*

Friday, June 08, 2007

Getting there!

Oooh! I am having SO much fun knitting this Two-Tone Shrug from Stephanie Japel's Fitted Knits!

I have finished the first stage - WHEEEE!! *does little excited victory dance* - which is knitting the back of the garment. Sleeves and ribbing remain are up next.
shrug back on!
Skoot helped me "try it on" last night and after a brief moment of panicked terror that it may be too large (the solution to which would have been very simple - rip back a few rows) we figured it out and it's looking just fine, thank-you very much *beams*

I'm absolutely thrilled with it so far, if you couldn't tell! And have now separated the left sleeve, leaving the center back and the right sleeve on the waste yarn - and started to knit knit knit my way down the left sleeve - hoorah!!
shrug back measure
I'm almost sure that I'll have it ready for the book and moofie premiers coming up - must make sure I'm looking my most Gryffindorian for the events!! hehe

p.s. Today is moving day!! =D Only a few more hours 'til we get the keys!! Must get off blogger, stop knitting and start to finish up those packing boxes!!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

2007 Craft and Quilt Fair!

A couple of weekends ago the Perth Convention Centre hosted the fabulous Craft and Quilt Fair for 2007 - and it was BRILLIANT!

Last year I missed the Fair by a number of weeks and was SO bummed, so I've been hanging out for this year's Craft'n'Quilt with a strong thirst and eager anticipation! But not this huge build-up, not even the little catalogue brochure they sent out a few weeks beforehand prevented my FORGETTING completely about the fair the week beforehand! hehe! Luckily Mum had her eye on the Fair too so she phoned and we tee-ed up our trip to the Fair together! Hoorah!!

I am SO glad we went on Sunday instead of the Saturday. So many stalls with multiple crafty, needlework and quilting (LOADS of quilting) supplies for trial, demo and sale - an absolute FEAST for the eyes! But the amount of people there was only JUST tolerable - so the Saturday would have been too much for me I think. I'm not tooo bad with crowds, but I get frustrated when I can't see anything and people get rude - so very glad we opted for the more relaxed Sunday Fair day!

My scrummy Mum and I cruised around the stalls and stores, admiring all the different creations people had made, and imagining what we could create with all the crafterly goodies. There wasn't too much there on the knitting front - a few stalls and bits'n'bobs - but I still managed to come away with quite a little loot bag!
craft fair stash

I had so SO much fun on this crafty day with my Mumma - it's one of our favourite Things-In-Common - we love sharing crafty tips, admiring art and homemade goods together and (when we can) sitting together to CRAFT together!

We examined several unusual yarny items - some sari silk from one stall - which seemed to be at a very good price...
craft fair sari silk
but I was extremely restrained and well behaved, deciding that although it was lovely, such vibrant colours and jazzy appearance, I do NOT. NEED. IT. And happily left it on the rack =)

We also some some of these HUMUNGOUS skeins of yarn about the place! Just look at the size of it!!?
craft fair GIANT skein!
It's practically bigger than my head!! Again a good price, but it was a novelty more than any thing else, and again I declined.

A siesta was needed after some time browsing about so we took a break, had a snack, and gazed about at the crafty melee!
Craft fair

After our refreshment, now full of energy and vigour we hit the workshops for a demo on dyeing by Cecile Whatman of Unique Stitching (sadly no website). It was FANTASTIC and I felt so inspired!! We had stumbled upon her stall pre-siesta, just as I was whining about "well.. doesn't look like there will be any spinning thi..." *GASP* I had seen her stall with fibre dye, containers of Angelica (light, fluffy sparkly fibre) and some examples of hand dyed roving!
craft fair angelica
And after purchasing some lovely shiny Angelica to add to my spinning creations we spoke with the lady at the stall who told us that Cecile would be doing her workshop shortly - I was very excited!! After the workshop I was super keen to head back to her stall and talk with her about using the acid dyes on wool and yarn directly - as her workshop focussed more on dyeing fabrics, such as for quilting and so on. But on our way we did some more browsing and looking, looking and browsing - how could we not! So many things to see and touch, fondle and admire!

At the booth I made my first (and only!!) yarn purchase! This cooshy delicious LangWoll sock yarn was at a devilishly irresistible price, so I picked up two balls (enough for one pair of socks).
craft fair lang sock yarnscraft fair Lang sock yarn
How ingenious are the folks at LangWoll! See the second picture with the little spool sticking out the side - that little spool of thread is inside each ball of sock yarn in a matching shade to the colourway so you can reinforce the heel and toes!! How awesome is that!! I love LOVE this yarn and already have a secret plan for it *wicked glint in eye*

We hit some beading stores and button stalls where I found this wonderful wooden leaf shaped button for necklacing, and a green cord to seal the deal. (I made up the necklace that night - photos to follow eventually!)
craft fair button necklace

My lovely Mum gifted me some stunning purple natural pearls, and green shell beads we had been admiring in a stall draped in beads of every imaginable colour, shape and material. I've had a bit of a play with them, but need a little more playing time to figure out a construction I like =)
craft fair beads and ribbons
A lovely little charms store provided a lovely selection of ribbons which I was able to rifle through for a very pleasing handful of colourful ribbons for my hair! Being a fairly low maintenance type of person, sometimes a ribbon is the only bauble and nicety I will adorn my hair with, and these little beauties will do just the trick!

When we made it back to the dye stall - exhausted and with our loot sacks heavy with goodies - Cecile recommended me on various dyes and which colours to start with. I came away with the primaries - (fire)red, blue(turquoise) and (bright)yellow for their ability to blend into most any colour imaginable (and a few more!) a pot of (jet)black, to enable my varying the shade of the colour. I also got a pot of Kelly Green as it is my most favourite-ist colour and I expect I will use it a lot! And a pot of pink - As I think that will be difficult to mix on it's own from the red. I have been flicking through Cecile's booklet "I can Dye A Rainbow" and will take her up on her kind offer of emailing her for more tips on dyeing the yarn and fibre!

I can't WAIT to get cracking with some dye-tastic adventures - both in preparing some food-colouring dyed samples for the up'n'coming Knitting Group demo I'll be doing, but also trying out my neewww and exciting acid dyes!!
mye acid dye
All in all the Craft and Quilt Fair was a FABULOUS day out and we're counting down the days til next year's fair!!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Secret Pal Spoiler Instalment #1

As I've already mentioned, I'm currently participating in Secret Pal 10 - the fabulous international gift exchange between knitters, crocheters and other fibre artists! Secret Pal involves me spoiling somebody, and a different somebody spoiling me! Yay! My Spoiler Pal is LOVELY and has a package on its way to me - somewhere out over the oceans, very exciting!! My first Spoiler package to my pal has arrived now - Hoorah!!

I was remiss in posting about it when I put it together, but details of the goodies I sent her and how she delights in the treats, bits'n'bobs can be found at her website here. I wanted very much to send a package full of as many Aussie-isms as I could! Hence the milo and bickies. The spinning fibre I sent is actually made by an American lady - Amy of Spunky Eclectic - but the colourway was inspired by the Australian landscape and colours! Very fitting! I had so much fun preparing and wrapping all the little goodies in individual purple parcels, each with their own colur coded tiny label about what was inside - so much fun being a spoiler! And even more fun knowing I get spoiled too! *wink*

The very first thing I sent my pal was this postcard, and I have a couple of other little cards and treats in the post for her, then another package I'll wrap up and send once the house moving has settled down!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

There's No Place Like Punk

Packing and knitting, knitting and packing continues - with some Tekken thrown in there too for a bit of variety - yupp, that's right! I'm returning to my geekdom by having learnt some Tekken moves and whup skoot's arse every now and then in a game ("every now and then as in", we don't PLAY every now and then, we play pretty regularly.. but it's only "every now and then" that I whup him!! hehe But I'm learning!)

Another trait of mine that shone through today was the soooort of punky element to the clothes and general style I like. I needed a new pair of boots for winter/general wear and finally found a pair that "will do" (I'm extremely pickly when it comes to settling on black boots - I wear them to DEATH so I must love them love them) and the store had a 2nd Pair - Half Price' offer.. hmmm.. But I was in my lunch break and rushing rushing so I glanced around to assess the "2nd Par" offer and I thought "oohh they're nice.. do I like them? Yes! Shall I try them on? No i don't need them. But they're so affordable.. hmmm well just quickly then.. oohh they ARE nice, well.. sort of... are they too long? oohh I don't know! I don't have enough time to think about this!!" so I put them back and only got the boots! Then I got back to work after my far too looooong lunchbreak and stewed over the lovely little houndstooth red drawstring shoes and finally decided I'd go back for them - and they still gave them to me for half price - yay!!

So now I am armed with my new pair of stompers...

And my lovely little pair of punky spunks! Yaaayy!!! =D

no place like punk

I now have all the appropriate footwear for work and play, summer and winter - hoorah!
Skoota has taken to referring to me as 'Imelda'.. though I can't fathom why.... ? *wink*

Monday, June 04, 2007

Smoochie Thank You =)

When I first started blogging CSS, html and all coding in general made me feel a little like this...


But then Bink came on the scene, bursting through the door like a tech-savvy superhero, intelligence blazing and typing fingers powered up for extreme coding! Bink and I have been close mates for a very long time, and web-page coding is only one of the many things she has helped me with throughout our times together. As you can see my blog now has TWO sparkle-arkle-y sidebars full of juicy things - all thanks to lovely Bink's persistence and patience in tutoring my coding =)

So I hereby send a great, squidgy THANK-YOU hug and kisses, with promises of tasty home made treats and knitted items for you Binkett =) I really appreciate it