Monday, August 20, 2007

"Some kind of accomplishment I suppose"

True to the words of Elizabeth Bennett above, I have recently added a new accomplishment to my repertoire!



A skill I have often hoped to one day acquire, and this morning I took a stroll down to the deli to get some "air" (having a hard day at work, and feeling quite low and mopey too) and decided I would take my little knitting pouch and do a few rounds on the way!

I didn't get run over, or bump into any trees or pedestrians - and I didn't even fall down any big holes in the footpath!! I'd say that's a success! =D

Next up the KITTING WHILST READING level! ooooer!

Now, I must admit I've been spending a little too much of my time at the farm these days.. Now, Skoot and I are working our way towards our very own farm and acreage in the country, but in the meantime I've found an alternative... My Farm!

ma farme

It's a super fun game that I downloaded for free from the GiveAwayOfYheDay website! One starts with a meager and poorly stocked farm - only one chook and 100 pennies. By deciding what and when to purchase various feed and livestock, the intrepid farmer can build a mighty and prosperous farm with pigs, turkeys, ducks, cows and SHEEP! Oh yes my fibre friends, we are not forgotten! See my little friend up there? At that point I was trying to lure him to another area of the property with that oh-so-tasty carrot on a string! I had decided to name all of my sheepies (oh yes! One can decide what colour and the name of any livestock you adopt!) after types of yarn, but with a SHeepish twist - for example.. Sholinette & Shoigu. It's a very engaging and highly addictive game - all your little critters move about and make appropriate noises - you must feed them regularly or they get hungry and run away (I, of course, have NEVER had that happen - mine not only get fed, but regularly cuddled too) and accurate to reality - one must clean up after them too!

Lately my farm has bulged at the seams with all imaginable types of farm-yard folks and fabulous produce - so I've lost interest a little now that the challenge is over - and have luckily been able to return to my knitting!! I am, however, not so easily duped into believing a REAL farm could be so easily maintained *grin* I think in preparation for when Skoot and I actually do have our REAL farm, I'll need to find a way to knit whilst.. milking? Knit whilst.. shearing? And, unfortunately... knit whilst shovelling.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

101 in 1001

My lists of 101 to be completed and focussed on for 1001 days is complete! Well.. I plan to perhaps work on it a little as I go too, I leave it open to the flexibility required over a period of this length - if elements of my life were to change, so too might my 101 be altered :) We shall see!

June sunrise

The description and mission statement given by Triplux, the host of 101 in 1001 are as follows;

The Mission:
Complete 101 preset tasks in a period of 1001 days.

The Criteria:
Tasks must be specific (ie. no ambiguity in the wording) with a result that is either measurable or clearly defined. Tasks must also be realistic and stretching (ie. represent some amount of work on my part).

Why 1001 Days?
Many people have created lists in the past - frequently simple goals such as New Year's resolutions. The key to beating procrastination is to set a deadline that is realistic. 1001 Days (about 2.75 years) is a better period of time than a year, because it allows you several seasons to complete the tasks, which is better for organising and timing some tasks such as overseas trips or outdoor activities.


To break up the text a little I've included some images depicting some of my favourite and most cherished things in life, some relevant to my 101 and some that I simply find inspiring and lovely :)

Mum n me


1- See each Grandparents at least monthly
2- Write to each Grandparents, and distant friends at least fortnightly
3- See Mum and Dad at least fortnightly
4- Spend more time with Ben, actively arrange catc
h-ups and get-togethers
5- Teach Skoot to spin
6- Go for night-time walks with Skoot
jungle skoot
7- Go on a trip with Mum
8- Go on a trip with Dad
9- Make time to record discussions with grandparents on their views and wisdoms of the world

10- Knit a shawl for Gran and Gran
11- Knit socks for Pa
12- Get cracking with –g-
13- Knit at least 1 item of loveliness for each member of immediate family
14- Become proficient at sewing (machine and hand)
15- Learn Continental knitting & become competent
16- Knit 2 major jumpers/projects
17- Spin a jumper’s worth of handspun
18- Knit a jumper for Skoot from aforementioned handspun
19- Learn to quilt
20- Learn to crochet competenty (i.e. more than just basics)
21- Buy my own spinning wheel
22- Learn 6 new technical spinning skills (e.g. Navajo plying)
yarn junkie sash
23- Research extensively W.A/Aussie small business law/tax/info & Register business name
24- Set up business – etsy, banner, logo, moo cards, extras, prices, postage etc..
25- Organise and bowerbird my nestie (including purchasing/making shelving units, sorting patterns and craft supplies..etc.. )
26- Complete my knit-history portfolio of all knitted items – including, where possible, photo, yarn snippet, pattern details, needle and yarn info, swatch photo, diary of a knit, recipient etc…
27- Brainstorm, draft, begin illustrations, characters etc.. with Mum for out books!
28- Make/alter 20 piece
s of clothing
29- Create a personalised blog template
30- Include some form of art in every day – be it a small sketch, knitting, spinning, photography… some little artistic indulgence
31- Print blog and have bound into book each year (blurb)
32- Learn to screen print – continue to create my own shirts and clothes, but with greater speed/definition etc..

bobbin sea lavender

33- Go on 2 decent trips with Skoot – at least 1 overseas
34- Dive at least 15 times

35- Go to the ballet
36- Go snowboarding with Skoot

37- Visit the art gallery a
nd museum twice each year – and whenever travelling attend the local/relevant galleries and museums
38- Attend belly dancing classes (with Mum? or Bon?)
39- Buy eight original pieces of art
that I adore
June riding
40- Establish and maintain extensive potted herb garden (including if possible, rare and exotic herbs)
41- Acquire 30 new books for my library – fiction, non-fiction, text books etc.. (via gift or purchase)

42- Read 35 books from m
y book list
43- Establish and maintain a vegie garden from seed

44- Join Diggers and cultivate seed stock

45- Purchase an alpaca and begin agi
stment on nearby station

Picture sashcam 001

46- Collate Big Buster Cookbook with favourite recipes, family recipes etc..
47- Print out all loved photos from computer/camera
48- Make up decent
, relevantly compiled photo albums
49- Set up, fill in and maintain u
p to date, extensive address book – including fave colours, birthdays etc..
50- Make a Christmas Chronicle – to record each Chrissie, details of card recipients, photos, gifts given/received, recipes used at meals, etc.. & ensure send Chrissie cards on time each year
e a Gift Chronicle as per Chrissie Chronicle – for birthday and other gifts given and received
52- Begin an ongoing, ever ada
pted autobiography
53- Touch up my 21st photo-boards & have them professionally copied for Mum & Dad

54- Keep a list of books I want to read, those I've read and which I want to read again etc.. 55-Design and make a Book Borrower's Binder, with details of who I've borrowed which books from, and who I've lent mine to!


56- Learn how to cook Gran’s tea cake
57- Learn 10 new poi moves and perfect them

58- Play chess with Sk
oot often (at least thrice per month) and become proficient – a worthy adversary!
59- Practice co
untry placements on map and capital city list monthly
60- Learn 4 major Alpaca handling skills (e.g. shearing, halter training etc..)

61- Make extensive folder to document herbal and natural remedies – try out effectiveness of as many as possible

62- Learn to ballroom dance, particularly tango

63- Learn to use the fancy-pants editing software from mum, and each year edit and produce a tape/dvd of the
year – through photo/video montage etc..
64- Learn to surf with Dad
surf bay feb
65- Attend Senior First Aid Course
66- Obtain motorcycle licence

67- Obtain truck lice
nce (HR)
68- Learn to play 4 complete involved piano pieces

69- Re-learn/acquaint with F
rench, til ‘fluent’
70- Learn a Language w Skoot (Mandarin?)
71- Learn 20 new recipes
72- Do refresher course in Scuba
73- Learn Fair Isle knitting, and become competent

fig tree

74- Lose 7kg, then reassess weight situation – and maintain healthy weight for remainder of 1001 days
75- Moisturise every 2nd day

76- Build up complete buffet of protective motocross gear – Boots, own helmet, body suit, glove, leg braces, jerseys… etc…
77- Drink 1.5L of water each day
78- Get a dental check up

79- Do at least 30 minutes of exercise each day, at least 5 days of the week – unless unwell, or extenuating circ
umstances. (doesn’t have to be 30mins consecutive, though that is preferable)
80- Eat 2 fruit, 5 veg each day as a bare minimum, plus take multivitamin each day
81- Join (& continue with) a martial arts or self defence training

82- Meditate daily

83- Brush thrice daily, and use floss

sash bike 2

85- Pay off credit card & remain free of large debt (>$1000) – unless car or property loan
86- Experience
2 different jobs/careers
87- Save at least 5% of each pay – do not spend this for the duration of the 1001 days (unless something unimaginable
should arise)
88- Sort and organise all music st
ash- Give away/sell undesirables, upload goodies to computer, figure out storage method for keepers. Purchase “must-haves” such as Ben Folds, all Regurgitator etc..
89- Sort & cull all computer files completely – back up all kept items

90- Have camcorder fixed
lollie bracelets!
91- Maintain a constant state of household order and tidiness – completing at least 2 chores per day, unless unwell or extenuating circumstances
92- Carry out a major book sort and cull. Sell many to 2nd Hand stores, give away where suitable. Put these funds from sales into new books
93- Repair all rust work on Sugar

94- Carry out an item of S
ugar maintenance every fortnight
95- Explore career paths and exciting options that take my fancy and engage my imagination

stoked sash


96- Give totally handmade (by myself or others) gifts at Christmas
97- Record 3 major works for librivox

98- Join RSPCA & set up regularly donation scheme

99- Donate blood as often as legal/healthy
100- Have 10 squares pre-prepared for each year's Charity Knit-In, plus attending on the day if possible to knit some more!

100.5- Knit at least 5 items per year for Dulaan project.
101- Encourage/Support/Teach 3 people to knit


It feels fantastic to have this list completed and all out ready to be worked upon! I'm so thrilled =D As I've officially written up the final list today, and posted it, I'm taking today's date as the start date, although I'm going to be a little blurry across the past few days in terms of accomplishments, as I've been making the finishing tweaks to the list over these last few days, and working towards some of the goals too :)

So these 101 items are aimed towards the 1001th day, of Thursday May 13th 2010!

In closing, I leave with a photo taken through Skoot's telescope earlier this year, of a comet shooting past our little planet - it shone across the skies for several days, the long luminescent tail clear even to the naked eye
The world's a marvellous thing, isn't it?

Friday, August 10, 2007

Knitterly Education from an Opinionated Knitter

On our walk up the drive after our run yesterday evening, chill and I decided we'd better check the letter box. And lo! There was a certain something to be found! This certain something was such that after bursting through the door, I kicked off my soaking wet & grassy shoes, and left them there right in the middle of the hall...


Abandoned Chill as soon as her collar and halti were off - much to her sulking!

sulk chill

And got straight to the couch for the opening of the parcel!!


Elizabeth Zimmerman's Knitting Without Tears! Yayaya!! =D


I decided that since I'm planning on spinning a jumper's worth of fibre, and then designing/knitting up a jumper I'd better get some theory and skills under my belt! What better way than with E.Z, right?


The Book Depository again came through with a fabulous deal, and I'm pleased as punch with my new addition for the bookshelf (although it won't be going anywhere NEAR the book shelf yet! I'm greedily poring over it!) however the postie did try to marr my happiness by BENDING and CRAMMING the book into my letter box *scowl* luckily E.Z is a lady of substance and was not to be creased or worn!

I'm SO eager to fill by mind with all this knowledge of technique and method. I've heard such abounding adoration of Elizabeth Zimmerman across many and varied sources, and so far I'm equally as delighted with her myself :) As I embark upon my more involved and extensive Knitterly Education I'm met with this quote from E.Z, on the back of Knitting Without Tears


And I find myself not only feeling very akin to these words, but finding such truth in them too. Elizabeth Zimmerman clearly not only knew knitting, but life also.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Market Day

Mum and I enjoy each other's company so so very much, and have such a lovely time whenever we can spend the day together - I'm lucky enough to have this joy with both my parents - I'm such very good friends with them and love them so dearly!

So this weekend just passed Mum and I leapt at the opportunity to attend the markets together, held up in the fresh, crisp air and stunning surrounds of the hills nearby - bliss!

We had a glorious time strolling through the rows and rows of stalls, admiring various wares, sampling goods and chatting with the vendors.


This photo was taken from the vantage point at our tea-break venue in an upstairs cafe! After all that strolling about we certainly needed some nourishment!

We discovered all sorts of fabulous delights amongst the stalls;


wooden beads,


Hundertwasser meets Dr Suess style earrings and ring combo,


African tasty treats, hot wheat pack, British lollies, unprocessed bee pollen!!

And perhaps my personal favourite of the day... My awesome Mushies!!


I'd seen these fantastical colourful mushrooms when we were up at the markets some months ago, and when we headed up this weekend they were foremost in my mind as something I must seek out and perhaps take home with me! The lady who makes them moulds the tops from concrete, using electrical conduit for the 'shroom talks, and sprays the phenomenal colours on with a UV protector to ensure the 'shrooms stay perky and bright =D I. LOVE. THEM!! In the rainy weather they looks REAL with glistening raindrops sparkling from their glossy tops :) Makes me feel as though I'm living in a faery wonderland =)

When we passed by a stall selling alpaca fibre and knitted goodies made from handspun alpaca yarn, we got to chatting with the stall owners who are alpaca breeders! From our indepth discussion of the spinning and preparing of fleece, to the names, ages and gestation periods of the alpacas we got to talking of purchasing alpacas and keeping them on the seller's property on adjistment! HOW EXCITING! What a prospect!! When I told skoot of this exciting and promising possibility he was equally thrilled! Now we don't have to wait til we have our property - we can start building up a herd of 'pacas right now!! Well.. not right now.. but when funds are plentiful enough - and at least they don't have to be SUPER plentiful to buy and keep an alpaca on adjistment :) The major benefit of this scheme is also that we will learn so much from the alpaca station owners. Instead of jumping in the deep end with our own alpaca and property from scratch, we will learn the tricks of the trade under experienced mentorship - and you've gotta be happy with that!!

alpaca chill

Of course I had to sample some of the yummy soft and fluffy fleece... didn't I? *grin* As you can see Chilli is a big fan of anything fleecey too! I have definite plans for these baggies of deliciousness! Mark my words!

Such ingenius and creative handicrafts are on display every way you look, I couldn't resist these teeny little wire insects - three little ants! So sweet! And a dragon fly for Mum :)


I was surprised and thrilled to find this GORGEOUS card in a newsagency gift store - look at all it's knitterly goodness!
The knitting muse!

"In the rhythm of knitting needles, there is music for the soul. "

I love love LOVE her, and have it on the mantelpiece in pride of place :) Will have to look out a frame to do it justice.

All in all we spent a glorious day out in the fresh air and light sunshine amidst stunning Australian gum trees and wild flowers.


I can't wait til next month :)

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Wondrous One Skeiner

Righto! I've found a pattern suitable to for my Sea Lavendar Handspun yarn - Hurrah!! =D
Stephanie Japel of Glampyre Knits offers the pattern for this fabulous little itsy bits shrug, The One Skein Wonder, on her website, for a small fee - and I'm very excited about it!
Although I've not finished plying all my Sea Lavendar, at this stage I have only 74 yards, so by the end I don't expect to have much more than double that - so I needed something super tiny to knit this into!
But I wanted an actual garment, rather than an accessory like a beanie or scarf. I know this itty bitty darling is only just a garment! But still! It counts!! The pattern asks for a heavy worsted or aran weight yarn, and I'm not sure what my gauge will be with my handspun, but I'm ready and willing to play around with the pattern to make it work!
I was initially planning on spinning some silk in with the merino to use for the edging, but now I'm thinking I'll spin the merino, spin the silk then PLY to two together for a more unusual look - I think that will stand out better from the rest of the garment at the edges, rather than carding the silk in with the merino then spinning. :) It's so much fun having another project in the works! Particularly one that involves making the yarn from scratch!

Knit Quizzles!

What Kind of Knitter Are You?

You appear to be a Knitting Adventurer. You are through those knitting growing pains and feeling more adventurous. You can follow a standard pattern if it's not too complicated and know where to go to get help. Maybe you've started to experiment with different fibers and you might be eyeing a book with a cool technique you've never tried. Perhaps you prefer to stick to other people's patterns but you are trying to challenge yourself more. Regardless of your preference, you are continually trying to grow as a knitter, and as well you should since your non-knitting friends are probably dropping some serious hints, these days.
Take this quiz!


Make A Quiz More Quizzes Grab Code

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Bubby Booties

Well I've stalled somewhat in my baby bubbler booty knitting frenzy! I finished the knitting of a set in the Bernat Organic cotton - super delicious to knit with - I want a pair! Such a lovely sage green colour too :)

booties to seam

But now I am left needing to seam them up and get my booty moving to finish up the current pair I'm knitting with some multicoloured aqua/green/blue Anchor yarn in a slightly larger size! Don't they just look so cute though! The photo gives no perspective, but they're TEENSY! Giddyup! Get on up! Only 2 months or so til two little bubblers are due! Get knitting!!

ohmigosh! Just saw this and laughed laughed LAUGHED! Well.. maybe snorted a little too!
His fur's gone all static and attracting!! hehehe!!

Gotta love icanhascheezburger - every day a new tummy-aching cackle shot!

Monday, August 06, 2007

Preparing my 101

So inspired was I by Meshell's post on the 101 things in 1001 days concept, that I decided it was just the incentive I was ready for, and perfectly suited to my multiple goals, love of lists and my propensity to procrastinate!

Basically, one thinks, ponders and soul-searches to come up with a personal list of 101 things one would like to achieve within the set 1001 days. The idea is to set yourself realistic, but slightly challenging goals - a list of items such as;
a) things you have always wanted to do but never had the extra oomph to try
b) things you keep putting on the backburner
c) special things you want to ensure you do without procrastination, and
d) slightly 'harder' and more challenger or unpleasant things you badly want to do too, but need a little incentive to complete *wink*

By setting a list such as this, you then have 1001 days - almost 3 years, in which to work towards, develop and complete these accomplishments. Rather than being restricted to one year only, such as in the case of New Year's Resolutions, the 1001 days give you more than one season in which to have a crack at your 101 things, which is important given that some issues are dealt with better in certain weather, or specific situations, and one year alone may not provide ample opportunity and simply be a straight road to disaster and disappointment!

So with much excitement and anticipation I have set myself on the 101 in 1001 path! Last week I purchased an A5 journal with crisp, white deliciously textured pages in which to chronicle my journey, along with a variety of coloured ink for my most journal-worthy, fancy pants fountain pen.
So I am all prepped and ready to go! A few nights ago, I sat in bed and started brainstorming ideas and items for my 101. It's going well so far :)

Friday, August 03, 2007


Last week amidst my spinning frenzy with my fibre passion flowing over, I decided I would skein up the Sea Lavendar singles without delay!

First I needed a 'niddy-noddy' stand in, since I don't yet have an actual niddy-noddy (which, for the non-fibre-folk, is a stick structure around which one winds their yarn to then create a skein, however a chair-back or loved-one's outstretched hands work equally as well:) ). I decided that one of the not-yet-unpacked boxes of books would do very nicely, and measured around its girth to determine how long each wind around the box would be.
sea lavender helpful kahn wind
As you can see I had a very willing helper with my windings! It wasn't long before I had that whole bobbin wound off around my skeiner-box and ready to go.
Off it came, and of course had to be put down at once to be photographed! I am in LOVE with these colours - so rich, so deep! *drifts away dreamily absorbing the colours*
The skein wasn't allowed to rest for long though, it was quickly picked up again and hoisted on an appropriate hook to 'set the twist'. I've never done this before so hope I've done it satisfactorily!
sea lavendar stretch
The bathroom door provided the best hook, and my large bottle of vinegar (several of which are in the pantry awaiting my neck dye-adventure) provided sufficient weight.

The next day I was rewarded with this...
sea lavendar skeined
Around 75m of delish, textured handspun yarn that I ADORE. I'm SO thrilled and excited!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Castings of Glory

What's this new contraption I see sitting in the hallway?
Why, it's my Worm Farm! Hurrah!! I've wanted a worm farm for a while now and earlier this week decided I would bite the bullet and go out and get it! This particular one, the Can-O-Worms, was cheaper than the larger rectangular kinds I'd seen before, and that was the clincher - affordability.
The yellow box on top is the travel-pack of starter worms - ooohh! Excitement!! They've had to wait over night to be set up, but I'm sure they don't mind, they've had loads of tasty grub in there to keep them chomping away on the hardware store shelf for the last little while! So now we have 1000 little pets! Whee!! Well, literally - wee! The wormie wee is fabulous liquid fertiliser, and their poo, or 'castings' as they are diplomatically referred to, make a brilliant rich soil - Bring on the vegie garden!!

hehe Also "Wheee!" and "casting" related is the new, rather secret, project I've just cast on. uuhhh.. i mean, starting to knit upon my needles.. oohh this could get messy! No pun intended!! *ahem* Learning a new method, I've done the long tail cast-on I believe, taught by a woman at work. But I'm not giving ANYTHING ELSE away! Nope! *shakes head* I cannot be convinced otherwise! It's a SECRET!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Heart Warming

Nothing like apple-berry crumble baked by your Mum to make you feel better when you're low =)