Tuesday, April 29, 2008

It's always tricky...

I find it's always a bit tricky getting back into blogging after a bit of a break - so I've decided to just jump right back in - FIE to the consequences and potential lack of coherent order!

Lately life has been very very busy and very very fun.. we've had a little Monkey Pup in our midst! Scrumptious Bum's son came down to spend the school holidays with us and we've had SUCH a blast spending the time together and getting up to all sorts of adventures!

Making rockets, bike building, camping, jenga, blind-folded painting, Fantastic Mr Fox, making brick houses, totem tennis, totem soccer, colouring in, playing footy, picnicking, dog beach, darts, visiting the museum, movie nights, fishing, toasted marshmallows, dentist visit, taco night, hot cocoas, mountain biking, piano playing, footy night, race cars - PHEW!

He is such a fantastic little dude, with such a sweet heart but lots of spunk too!

Knitting and spinning did happen amongst all of the excitement and adventures, but more on that later :) For now it's back to the normal hum-drum of life - I have study to catch up with!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Ooh! Look!!

First up, if you don't know what Ravelry is, or haven't yet gotten involved - and yet you are reading this blog... you should know about Ravelry and be getting involved!! Anyone with the slightest interest in knitting, fibre and crafterly minded peoples - get on in there! Here's a link to the Ravelry 'front page' as it were, where some information can be found about this FABULOUS knitting-community/project&stash-organiser/pattern-database/yarn-database... how can I possibly describe all that Ravelry is?! They're still using a waiting list system, to stem to rush of people wanting to jump on in (how can you blame those despreate masses!?) seeing as it's still technically in Beta mode.

For everyone else who is also madly in love with the magnificent Ravelry, I would like to draw your attention to something I found out last week!
roflbot picture

RavelRaiser 2008!!

A fundraising call to all lovers of fibre and users of Ravelry to pitch in a little or a lot towards keeping the parents of Ravelry, Jess and Casey (and not to be forgotten, Bob the boston terrier!) in good health, happiness and with tasty treats! These folks put in a lot of work, need to purchase fancy technological equipment to keep Ravelry running and don't ask a CENT from any of us in membership fees or anything! Bless their little cotton (or wool?) socks!

So far over $50, 000 has been raised! A princely sum indeed, but seeing as both Casey and Jess gave up their normal occupations to design and run ravelry, apart from advertiseing, it's their income!! The generosity of knitters never ceases to amaze me :)

Ravelraiser is on until April 25th - so get on in there and give a little love to the folks that work so hard to provide such an amazing tool/venue/lovebug for we fibre-fiends :) You'll noticea few fun Ravelraiser-style avatars around on the site too, so whip one up for yourself too if you fancy to further promote the ravelraiselicious goodness!! =D

p.s. I know I've been quite absent from the blogosphere lately - we're having some very fun and busy family times at the moment :) more on that later!

Monday, April 07, 2008

Dang, it feels good to be a zombie

Zombie sash close
This weekend was my first flashmob experience - and it was a doozy!

zombie sash stagger
About 60 zombies stumbled, shuffled, moaned and groaned their way through Perth city, and I was amongst them as we spewed out from an alley way, blood splattered, leg-dragging and ever-so undead to start our determined promenade up William St, along the mall, through the Carilion arcade, across the train station past the art gallery and up to the library.
zombie sash
I can highly recommend being a part of any flashmob action in your area, for those in Perth details can be found here. An excellent way to experience something different and unexpected, hopefully expand the public consciousness and have a little bit of surreal fun :)
Zombie sash flash mob

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Delayed Deliciousness

This is one of my favourite knits at the moment, but I finished it weeks ago and haven't yet posted about it! Bad blogger!!
verily verity 2
[Verity blossom]
It's none other than the scrumptious and divine Verity by Ysolda, in dreamy Malabrigo worsted, lettuce colourway (remember our little mystery clue a while back?!)
verily verity1
[round buttony goodness]
The button feature is awesome, love love it, though I couldn't find a plain wood button at the store so ended up using an ornate wood button but with the 'back' plain side facing out!! I've never been a beret wearer before, so I keep toying with how I wear it; slouched over one ear, slouched back... but which ever way I put it on I LUFF it!
Verity back
[slouchy back]
The band on Verity is masterfully fantastic. it took me a little time and help from Lushie and Jolene to figure out one part, but once I got my head around it I was off like LIGHTNING! Great stitch pattern, very stretchy yet strong and looks great with the eyelets too :)
Verity ooh
["ooh! Is that one of Ysolda's berets I see??"]
I found this to be SUCH an enjoyable, addictive, fun and quick knit. Ysolda is not only a genius of knitterly designs but gorgeously friendly too - which makes the whole experience extra fabulous :)
[see the joy?!]
The Malabrigo I picked up from Yarn and Kisses was my first go knitting with Mmmmmalabrigo - but it won't be my last! SO yummy, so soft, so i-can't-put-this-down-and-don't-even-try-to-make-me!! I'll definately be using more in future, and I'll definately be going back to Yarn and Kisses - great service, super quick, excellent price - top work all round!

So here are the specs;
Pattern: Verity by Ysolda Teague
Size made: The largest size for maximum slouch factor :)
Yarn: Malbrigo worsted, lettuce
Needles: KnitPicks options 5mm (Magic loop)
Modifications: None!!
Cast on/off: March 5 - 11 2008

Details of course on the marvellous Ravelry :) In fact, I'm an avid fan of Ysolda's blog, and saw her knock up the first Verity, and waited with bated breath for her to release the pattern, which she did the next day! I cast on practically straight away and was AMAZED at the amount of fellow Ysolda-nutts who also cast on and had finished berets up on Ravelry faster than you can say "Verily-Verity's-Verily-Necessary"!! Gotta love Ravelry =D Gotta love malabrigo, and gotta love Ysolda's knits!