Sunday, November 19, 2006

Scratch 'n' Sniff

Ha HA!! *triumphant exclaimation*

I went and did the grocery shopping today, and selected poorly in the shopping trolley stakes. The wheel were determined to veer me strongly off and away to the right into some poor unsuspecting shopper or precariously arranged product display.

But I did it! HahahaHA! Take THAT stinky rebellious shopping trolley! I may have developed some sort of muscular twitch from over compensation when steering - but at least the cupboards are no longer bare!!

No manner of shopping trolley misbehaviour could have marred my shopping trip however, as before I entered the grocery store I first dashed into the newsagency in search of one or two knitting mags I'd had my eye on... And they had it!!

holiday gifts mag

I've been scouring all the newsagency I come across for the Interweave Chrissie edition and now I've found it!! Hurrah!! I'm slowly getting an idea of which newsagency stock which knitting mags - so I can stop the run-around a little!

In other equally exciting news, I popped into town on Thursday evening - managed to get away from work a bit early, yay! - and found this fabulous shirt!!

I would have loved it anyway for the design alone, but it actually DOES .... SCRATCH and SNIFF!! After a little scratchy scratchy a banana bubblegum smell wafts from the print! How awesome is THAT!?

I think I'll have to spot clean it though.. not sure how well the fragrancey print would hold up in the wash cycle.. hehe :)

And in FURTHER exciting news! I got an sms today from a very good friend of mine Bink, saying she has a surprise for me, but don't tell skoot... HOW INTRIGUING!! So i replied as such and she straight after phoned me up and CHUCKLED WITH GLEE!! WITH SUSPICIOUS SECRET KEEPING GLEE!!!! hahaha it was perfect!! The surprise, she told me, is that she has located the pressie I've been hunting down for shveetie for Chrissie! He doesn't read my blawg generally, but just to be sure I can't mention it, but I've been looking everywhere but this item is ALWAYS uber expensive. Uber SUBER duber expensive, $900 new, and $350 second hand :( So HOW BRILLIANT does that make loverly binkett for locating one for me!! I won't say how much for, again just in case shveetie sees, but let's just say I can definately afford some matching treats to go with it *grin*

So Bink... THAAAAANK YOOUUU!! You're FABULOUS and generous and thoughtful and LOVELY!! Prepare to be swamped with hugs when I see you next ;)


2paw said...

My newsagent had put the IK Holiday away for me too, and I held out NO HOPE at all!! Isn't it great??!!
Ah, scratch and sniff, you can still get stickers!!
I love a bragain!! Well done!!

Sasha said...

Hehe Bargainus Hunteris *David Attenborough voice* indeed! I think I'll have to start getting them to put the issues away for me - save some of the hassle!

Helen said...

What a great find you lucky thing. Do they have anymore copies left? I was considering ordering a copy directly from IK after hearing Brenda's comments. I'll have to go check out my fav knitting mag newsagents tomorrow. I honestly didn't think this one would make it to our shores, but occassionally you get lucky.

bink said...

Yay, I get hugs :)

Can't wait for you to meet Tess :)