Thursday, December 21, 2006

Dame Candles Company has ARRIVED!!

Go there!! If you wish for divine and delectable candles and tarts!!

Wahee!! This morning there was a knock on the door.. and two delivery men were standing outside!! And in their little handies complete with electronic signing device, was MY DAME CANDLE COMPANY FANCY DELICIOUS SCENTED SOY TARTS PARCEL!!!!! *goes a little bit kooky with joy* They also had a package for skoot - a network card he'd been waiting on - so we both got to do the happy dance together!! The package was very Chistmassy (in my mind) all wrapped up in brown paper...
dame parcel
It took much frantic scrabbling and eventually a kitchen knife to get the parcel open though!
And then I was met with the UPS box - similarly devilish to open!!
dame box
But finally.. I had all the little styrofoam pellets in the bin, and there lay my tarts... Sooooooo delightful!! A brochure of Wendy's other scents and candles etc.. and business cards too. Look!!! The 12 tart sampler pack - SO WORTH IT!!
dame tarts!
I wasted no time in jumping about excitedly, attempting to sniff them all through the package and screaming far too hysterically to skoot that there's a GINGERBREAD MAN ONE!! When I had first check out Wendy's Dame Candle Company on the net I'd seen the Gingerbread Man scent and though "oooohhh wouldn't THAT be dreamy!!" But the sampler pack is a random selection of 12 scents - RANDOM, and Wendy uses over 50 scents I think, so I wasn't sure I'd get to try the Gingerbready goodness - But I did!! And it's burning right now and the entire lounge/dining/kitchen is filled (but not in an overwhelming suffocating way) with the most delicious edible spicy, cinnamonny gingerbread man smell - it smells exactly like gingerbread out of the oven!! I ADORE IT!!
dame tart burning 2
I cannot - as you can probably tell by now - recommend Dame Candle Company enough. I am absolutely thrilled to bits with my purchase - and so far I've only tried the one scent!! Wendy was very helpful when I emailed her wanting to purchase, but unsure about overseas shipment, and she shipped so promptly and with trackable UPS shipping which you've all seen how much I enjoyed that!! The tarts themselves are divine. Made of soy, they are a creamy white colour and texture, with a sort of satisfying weight to them - not the piddley little mini tarts you can end up buying elsewhere. The tart melted quite quickly and an immediate and sumptuous smell was wafting through the rooms of the house, delicate but all embracing.. ahhhh and SO DELECTABLE!

I decided on the 12 sampler pack because I really wanted to try as many of her scents as possible, and didn't want to dive right in for the 3 or 6 pack of only one scent, to find I didn't really fancy it. From what I've sniffed of the other 11, on top of Mr Gingersniff, I don't think I would have landed myself with scents I didn't like!! But the 12 pack is brillaint - enough to last me well and truly over the Chrissie break and my holidays with every day a house full of exotic, homely and relaxing smells. You can't see on the photo above, but the scents that came in my 12 pack are Gingerbread Man, Lilac, French Vanilla, Buried Treasure, Lemon Tarts, Lavender, Red Currant, Green Tea,
Cinnamon Toast, Wild Spruce, Chocolate and Pumpkin Pie.

Excuse me whilst I drift away of the deliciousness....


Anonymous said...

Yay, they made it!! I'm so thrilled that you like them. Thank you for the amazing review!!

Helen said...

They look sooo delicious and sound divine. Must give them a try, but will have to wait until after Christmas due to my stash enhancement activities in the whee hours of this morning at the Posh Yarn sale.
Enjoy enjoy!!!!
Chrissie hugs and wishes

bink said...

Sash, I tried to email this to you but the email didn't work =/

Anonymous said...

Yum, how Christmassy. Gingerbread is the best smell ever! ps, I have tagged you, I hope you don't mind! Check out my blog for instructions. Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year.