Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Quick note

Went to the library SnB today and it was grand - uber grand :) Picked up some absolute bargains from the fabulous Helen of Knitting Inspirations, all in keeping with the Christimuss budget - am very pleased. Shveetie was less pleased :( I really must reduce my "stuff". Fair enough to be loving my arts and hobbies and things, but it's simply not practical to have this many things - lovely though they are - in one house. Maybe even two houses. So I must reduce and condense. Move out some of the older and less used things, to make way for the newer things. Even working out better storage methods would help. Must get on to it. Must stop procrastinating and driving skoot crazy. But he must start being a bit more.. positive.. Anyway, it's a knitting/crafting/excitement blog not a whinging disappointed moping blog, so I'm not posting about the SnB tonight, I'll leave that til tmw when I'm perkier and have the sparkle back about all the loveliness from tonight :)

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bink said...

Now there's an idea - perhaps I should start a whinging disappointed moping blog :)

If you've got stuff to rehome that isn't really worth selling, give Freecycle a go. I have a few things I keep meaning to post... one of these days!