Tuesday, December 19, 2006

What is my elf name?

It's a question I've often asked myself, but this morning I found the answer! This website will tell anybody the name of their secret Christmas Elf identity!!
Mine is as follows... *grin*...

Christmas Elf Name

My Christmas Elf Name is
Get your Christmas Elf Name at JokesUnlimited.com
That's Ms. Monkey-Buns to you!! hehehe Now, must zip off and do some cleaning and tidy, moving and rearranging. It was my plan to get a whole bunch of tidying done on these three days (mon Tues Wed) while skoot's at work still and I'm home on hols, but yesterday it didn't go so well, a bit of morning tidying, then off to do a GIGUNGOUS grocery shopping trip, so I ended up pretty fagged by the end of it, and knitting on the couch! He was similarly knackered from work though so we made a good pair :)

1 comment:

bink said...

Oh Chris is going to love this one!

My elf name is "Cheerful Candy-lips"!

Although given my workload at the moment I don't think I can even manage cheerful, let alone candy-lips :)