Monday, January 22, 2007

How timely!

I have some fabulous exciting news!
Lately I've been so eager to start some sewing crafterness, and have been thinking of how to get my hands on a sewing machine. Huggable Mum has lent me hers, but the pedal and cord extensions couldn't be found when we were hunting around for it - so it has essentially been a large beige ornament for some time! So just as I was about to ask my Gran if I could borrow her sewing machine - Mum found the accessories!! So as soon as I can go over and pick up the parts, set up a table and find myself some delicious fabric - I CAN START SOME SEW CRAFTS!! Wheee!! Am super keen at the prospects, but also super aware of how many hobbies I have and how much time I have spare after work and so on.. doesn't really add up at the moment...

However, after work today when my colleague and I had been held back a little, I would have faced odious traffic if I left then, so instead I cruised over to the nearby lovely lakeside lawns and willowy trees, sat on the grass and knit on my sock!
post work relax
As I sat there, listening to the latest of Brenda's dulcet tones and turning the short row heel of my sockie-bo-dockie, an inquisitive black swan idled up beside me, eyeing me off with curiosity and subtle caution. As I sat there calm and placid, swannie gradually stepped closer and closer, shiny red beak nibbling and tweaking at the green green grass, little orange eyes turned towards me - watching me knit.swan jan 07 Perhaps a knitter in a previous life, fascinated by seeing the looped yarn again, looped and looped on tiny sticks - a new swan-perspective blossoming within the little feathery head. There was certainly a connection there, and just as it turned time for me to hit the road, swannie had strolled up only centimetres from my crossed legs, after nonchalantly inching closer and closer. I truly felt quite rude getting up just when we had built trust and were increasing the intimacy of the friendship.
But I'm sure we'll meet again :)


2paw said...

How amazing. We live in a lucky country really. What a nice swan, and what a great place to knit!!!
How exciting: sewing is much quicker than knitting. I can whip something crafty up on the machine in an hour!!!
What will you make first???

Pixiepurls said...

are you still doing the spunky eclectic thing? I pulled out, I have to much fiber anyways!