Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Sunshiney day!

Chill and I've just been for that walk, and the sun has come out filling the day with gentle warmth and colour!
chill park jan 07
Chill had fun sniffing around all the agility equipment in the dog park (tunnel seen behind her here) and posing with her mumma for a happy snap :) (although I don't look all that cheery! - concentrating too hard on trying to take a non-blurry one handed photo and keep Chill interested at the same time!)
sash n chilli jan 07
We then retired to the house for some shared yoghurt. Deal is I eat the yoghurt, Chill licks the tub. She would like it to be followed by a further step - "Chill takes the tub and chews it up into squillions of tiny pieces which are then strewn all over the house", but I veto-ed that suggestion!
chill yoghurt jan 07

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bink said...

What a gorgeous wolfy muzzlepuff :)