Wednesday, April 18, 2007

First Finished Sock!

Yaaayy!! My first ever finished sock! A toe up, Wendy's Generic Sock pattern with a few little changes! Ta Da!!

Picture sashcam 480

Eagerly awaiting his friend, who I shall knit up as soon as I've finished Gran's shawl.. and who knows.. But these little sockies are my oldest UFO and I shan't let them sit around for too much longer!!

On the foot...

Picture sashcam 479
The flexed foot of triumph!

Off the foot..
Picture sashcam 487
A landscape of sock

Hehe, you can see I did some ribbing & YOs at the cuff which gave a scallopy edge - I'm not a very girly-girl, but the yarn always makes me think of spring time fresias and flowers in the grass, so a bit of frilliness seemed fitting *grin*

p.s. It's so much FUN! Wheeee!!!


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Dame Wendy said...

Looks great!! I'm so jealous. :)