Monday, April 09, 2007

Long weekends are my friend!

How deluxe, how dreamy to not only have a normal long weekend of THREE luxurious days off work.. but, yes count them, four over Easter time. I don't follow any Easter-related religions, so instead look at it as more of a fertility/new-life celebration as per the Pagan and Egyptian times of old - and basically take the time out to enjoy times with family, friends and the Scrumptious Bum. This year the enjoyment came in many and varied forms :)

BBQ with other friends (one of whom it had been way too long between bbqs!) including baking and eating of 100s and 1000s bedecked chockie birthday cake! (cooked in most unorthodox method due to lack of cake tin - but successful!!)
Binkocidal cake attack!
Binkett about to attack the unsuspecting sprinkley UFO cake!

Gorgeous Tessabee doggalog

Buzz contestants
Fun times and sing-alongs with Buzz quizzings

Lovely afternoon tea with Mum and family indulging in many tasty treats and Aussie style Easter givings.. not Easter Bunnies... But Easter Bilby and Easter Wombat!
Aussie easter

Sunday we headed out to our favourite riding spot and spent a funtacular time traversing the tracks and generally zooming about in my favourite type of exercise! I've gotten so SO much better which brings it to a different level of enjoyment - much more comfortable on my bike and willing to take on greater challenges - hoorah! Skoot and I SO thoroughly enjoy going out together, and this time went out with some mates who hadn't ridden, or hadn't ridden in a while, and introduced them to our Purring Pretties! Muchos fun was had by all :)
Including little Champ who loved his ute ride with his new brace on, and lapped up any cuddles offered at any time - what a sook!!
Champ cuddling
That evening we enjoyed a relaxing dinner and chill out with Dad and the fluffy-muffin Chilli!
Chill blink
Here she is in all cuddly glory, squinting against my inconsiderate camera flash!

So fabulous to have been able to catch up with almost all our rellies in one weekend - I so value time with Dad, Mum, my grandparents and Skoot's folks - but this crazy ratio of 5:2 work to leisure days is pretty mental and makes it tricky to see all the people I love in each week!! Lucky I have access to such gorgeous liddle dainty paws like these to keep me calm and placated!
Chill paws
Today we managed to stay pretty bludgey with only a bit of the necessary housework and such getting in the way of a truly relaxing day off! I finally managed to wash my swatches too!
silk road swatch wash
I measured them carefully before washing, and once they've totally dried off I'll see what their post-wash measurement and gauge is so I'm ready for their projects! Whee!
Swatches drying
Not that I'll be casting anything on for a little bit.. I'm tonking along with the lovely lace and having a BALL - I'm thrilled with how it's turning out and I'm determined to finish it before casting on any of my other projects in queue.. even if they are extremely tempting and delightful!

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Cute pets & candy :) I've heard of the Easter Bilby but not the easter Wombat :)