Thursday, May 03, 2007


Still feeling low.. BUT.. Have seen, experienced and done some lovely beautiful things lately so that always makes things a bit silver-lined doesn't it?

Rainy weather has set in finally, and I'm adoring it. I love to hear the rain or thundery wind and wild weather outside while I in and out of sleep, or on the couch reading. I like to stand by the back door and look out at the sky, and weather. Doing that the other day, admiring our plants and the fresh breeze, grey sky and atmospheric mist of rain which deepened into rain-propelled sheets - I saw this little fellow sheltering under our back patio.

willy wag
His friend was sitting on the fence, and when the rain fell harder, he too flew in under cover - sat on the edge of our Steva pot and glanced about at his new surrounds.

For non-aussie folks, these little birds are called Willy Wag-Tails. A name coined due to their long straight tails and the constant swaying motion the little darlings have when sitting still. They wag their tail back and forth, back and forth then dart off after a tasty little bug that's jumped up out of the grass. Then they stop again, back and forth, back and forth - and they're off! They really are very sweet little birds, with a lot of gumption too! Often I see them on their own, or in a duo in a mid-air attack on a crow, or other significantly larger bird, shoo-ing it away out of their territory! (and it seems they always win too!)

The other reason I was so drawn to the back window, gazing out across out planted lovelies - was to see my favourite-est planted lovely, the Roo Vine. On a day trip up in the hills one weekend with Huggable Mum, we went into a darling little gift store which had a small nursery section out the back. Mum said she'd like to gift me a plant from the country style garden selection of potted goodies - of course I was delighted! I was so drawn to this beautiful draping, wild looking vine - a vine that drew me so but I had never seen any quite like it before. I adore vine, we had one that grew over the front of my childhood home, and another stunning vine that covered the back pergola too - I think it's in my blood!

roo vine tendril
So the other day skoot and I spent an afternoon re-potting some plants and making them feel a bit more comfortable in larger venues - including my lovely Roo Vine! He's looking very please with himself now, I even picked out a special pointy trellis for him to climb up and have positioned it in his pot for him to grow on. Each time I go outside I check out how he;s going and whether any new little tendrils have grasped the trellis or are shooting out reaching for something to hold on to.

A visit to a very good friend of mine, hugs, loveliness and a delightful surprise gift! But not any ordinary gift.. a Knit-Related Gift - Hurrah! Posh Pooches a gorgeous book of knitting patterns for Doggers.

posh pooches2

And it even came with a set of needles with liddle DOGS ON THE TIPS! How gorgeous is that?

And finally delicious gourmet roast potatoes, made for me by my beloved - perfectly moist and soft, with a crispy outside, tasty herb seasoning and doused in flavoured grapeseed oil - Mmmmm..
envious potatoes
I've made you envious now, haven't I? I'm sorry.

Work on Grandad's pressie continues, to the exclusion of other crafts and tid-bits. I'm finding myself really anxiously keen to knit up an actual garment for myself. I think I might have to cast on and start working away at the Central Park Hoodie, even though I have my other things on the go - it'll be nice to know I have something going for me too. And to feel the wool through my fingers, and the yarn sitting in my lap will be a very nurturing settling feeling I think :)

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BWHAHAHA the potatos must have been damn good to make it onto a knitting site!!! love it... sooo random