Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Will you walk into my parlour said the knitnutt to the ply...

Last night I plied the bobbins of singles together with much fervour and flurried foot treadling action!
ply it up
Until, that is, one of my bobbins ran out! Augh! It's often the way that one bobbin, though they are seemingly similar in their rotund plumpness, is actually not as long as the other.
sea lavedner empty bobbin
So this left me with one and, unfortunately, a half bobbins of deliciously plied scummy Sea Lavender merino! Mmmmmm...!
spinning tiger pants
Nothing like some evening spinning with a fluffy-tiger-pants-wearing honey in the background! *grin*
sea lavender plied goat
Our Lovely Ms Goat approves of the outcome, as do I! :)


Ann said...

The colors are gorgeous!

nuttnbunny said...

Nice! When I have extra on a bobbin I make a center pull ball and ply the leftovers from the outside and inside. Does that make sense? Did you already think of that and reject it for some reason that a novice spinner like myself wouldn't know?

Michelle said...

oooh...that's very very nice!!!

anyway...where's the pictures of your two tone shrug??