Friday, August 10, 2007

Knitterly Education from an Opinionated Knitter

On our walk up the drive after our run yesterday evening, chill and I decided we'd better check the letter box. And lo! There was a certain something to be found! This certain something was such that after bursting through the door, I kicked off my soaking wet & grassy shoes, and left them there right in the middle of the hall...


Abandoned Chill as soon as her collar and halti were off - much to her sulking!

sulk chill

And got straight to the couch for the opening of the parcel!!


Elizabeth Zimmerman's Knitting Without Tears! Yayaya!! =D


I decided that since I'm planning on spinning a jumper's worth of fibre, and then designing/knitting up a jumper I'd better get some theory and skills under my belt! What better way than with E.Z, right?


The Book Depository again came through with a fabulous deal, and I'm pleased as punch with my new addition for the bookshelf (although it won't be going anywhere NEAR the book shelf yet! I'm greedily poring over it!) however the postie did try to marr my happiness by BENDING and CRAMMING the book into my letter box *scowl* luckily E.Z is a lady of substance and was not to be creased or worn!

I'm SO eager to fill by mind with all this knowledge of technique and method. I've heard such abounding adoration of Elizabeth Zimmerman across many and varied sources, and so far I'm equally as delighted with her myself :) As I embark upon my more involved and extensive Knitterly Education I'm met with this quote from E.Z, on the back of Knitting Without Tears


And I find myself not only feeling very akin to these words, but finding such truth in them too. Elizabeth Zimmerman clearly not only knew knitting, but life also.


lillysmuul said...

Is it good book? What kind of advice she gives?

Ann said...

Great choice! If you want to knit in the round, this is the book to have. I love reading EZ books!

Helen said...

EZ books are brilliant and this is where I got alot of my knitting knowledge from. She also has DVDs available through School House Press. Enjoy!