Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Wondrous One Skeiner

Righto! I've found a pattern suitable to for my Sea Lavendar Handspun yarn - Hurrah!! =D
Stephanie Japel of Glampyre Knits offers the pattern for this fabulous little itsy bits shrug, The One Skein Wonder, on her website, for a small fee - and I'm very excited about it!
Although I've not finished plying all my Sea Lavendar, at this stage I have only 74 yards, so by the end I don't expect to have much more than double that - so I needed something super tiny to knit this into!
But I wanted an actual garment, rather than an accessory like a beanie or scarf. I know this itty bitty darling is only just a garment! But still! It counts!! The pattern asks for a heavy worsted or aran weight yarn, and I'm not sure what my gauge will be with my handspun, but I'm ready and willing to play around with the pattern to make it work!
I was initially planning on spinning some silk in with the merino to use for the edging, but now I'm thinking I'll spin the merino, spin the silk then PLY to two together for a more unusual look - I think that will stand out better from the rest of the garment at the edges, rather than carding the silk in with the merino then spinning. :) It's so much fun having another project in the works! Particularly one that involves making the yarn from scratch!


Michelle said...

i've always wanted to knit the OSW but never found a suitable yarn for it yet ^_^

Leah said...

I've made two OSW's & loved them!!

I think your idea for making one in handspun is very cool! Stef (Glampyre) was actually wearing a great one in handspun at TNNA! ;)