Sunday, September 16, 2007

At least it's only a little bit...

[NOTE: I have decided to rename my Montego Bay the Bunker Bay since Montego bay doesn't hold any significance for me as a location - whereas Bunker Bay is such a lovely West Australian spot - and I love it!]

Well, at knitting group this weekend I did the deed - *sigh* - yes, I had to frog what progress I had made on my Bunker Bay Scarf!

The pattern, you see, is all knit stitches (K2Tog, YO, Knits etc..) on the RS, and all purl on the WS.. so what do you think? IT CURLS!!! The curling at the bottom is taken care of by the braided tassels that are added on to the finished scarf - but the sides will still curl in and DESTROY my knitting satisfaction!!

It was discussed with my knitting companions, and we decided that knitting 3 sts of garter at the edge of the scarf, instead of the stockinette prescribed by the pattern would be the way to go.

So I frogged.

Here is the Bunker Bay PRE-froggage...
Bunker pre frog
And POST-froggage!
Bunker post frog
Oh dear!!
I cast on again last night and just did one row - at least it's back on the needles!

It was great to see all the folks at knitting group again - such a lovely bunch.
CitiKnits Sept 07
Particularly nice to see Michelle as she's been off gallivanting around the world these past few weeks, getting married and all sorts!!
HisnHers cloths
We had some fun with the swift and winder at the book store, and I gifted her the Secret Project I've been working on this week - Matching His'n'Hers Cotton Face Cloths! I'm very happy with them - particularly as it was my first go at crocheting an edge, and I love it!! Must work on my finishing skills though, i really must!!


2paw said...

Snap: I was knitting a scarf today and I did 38 minutes worth of knitting and decided it was too wide and unravelled. I do not obsessively time my knitting, but I was watching High Society and it had been on that long!! Your matching face cloths are very cute, and nice crocheting!!! I saw the resulting photos from Michelle's gallivant!!!

Leah said...

Well, it was quite smart to rip it out and reknit it to your satisfaction. It always hurts a bit to do so but in the end it's SO much better!

I can't wait to see how your bunker bay turns out!

Ann said...

Very appropriate name - Bunker Bay & it's a beautiful place & your scarf will just be gorgeous - love the colors.

Michelle said...

bunker bay eh?? never been there but i know it's somewhere in wa. hahahaha. geography knowledge sucks to the max!!! anyway, thanks again for the cute fashcloths!!