Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Central Park Hoodite!

Well, there has been action - but of a different sort than planned! I finished penning a shirt I'm making for skoot nad now that it's past 9pm I've lost some of my hooospa and can't really face casting on a slippery (if delicious) silk lace project! I am ready to sit in bed and simply knit away on my Hoodii! Yes that's right! The Hoodii! =D
I'm really chuffed to finally have the Hoodii on my needles - it's been on my mind on and off quite consistently since even before January when my lovely Mum gifted me all the scrummy yarn required to kn it it up. The sizes given in the pattern leap from 40" to 44", so I've decided to knit the 44" bust size, even though my bust is currently 42". I plan to lose weight and become a fit and lithe individual, but who knows, really, when that will take effect on my mammaries, and I don't want to spend heaps of time knitting up a luscious jumper that I won't fit! Plus the extra 2 inches will be a good amount of ease in the pattern I expect :)

Knitting with the Donegal Tweed has been nice, but we got off to a rocky start. See this? TWIST!

twisty tangle

And not twist of the good, healthy, happy spinner kind - the FRUSTRATING horrible twist that sometimes gather in yarn as you pull it from the wound ball. It is one of my absolute pet peeves - I cannot STAND dealing with built up twist energy in the yarn running from my knitting to the yarn ball.

So after a short time of pulling and thrying to 'push' the twist back down towards the ball so it wouldn't set my stitches askew I decided THAT'S IT! Something HAD to be done!!

So I completed my first attempt at spit-splicing! And it was maaarrvellous!! =D

sput spliced

Who'd've thought human saliva could be such a useful knitting accessory?! hehehe!

I rejoined the knitting yarn to the OUTSIDE of the ball this time, so it hopefully woun't be so twisted up with potential energy there, and I'm really please with the join - nice and smooth, in fact you can't even tell it's THERE! The donegal tweed felted together so well it looks like an normal strand of yarn again! And no twist! WOOOHOOOO!!! =D I had to use the Spit-Splice again a little later when the twist did indeed build up again, and the splice was great again!

I'm SO excited! This means I can knit away dreamily and not be concerned if the energy starts to curl up the running yarn - I can simply break it off, de-fuse the twist, fray the yarn ends, suck on them and rub 'em back together and keep on knitting!! Hurrah!! =D

And with that, I'm off to nice warm bed with my Hoodii and Chilli-muffin in tow!!

p.s. hehe can you tell I like green? I noticed that the picture above displays - green yarn, green blanket and green jumper! Hmmm!!


Ann said...

That's a clever way. Looks like you have been knitting quite a bit with all those WIPs. Happy knitting!

2paw said...

Oh I love the photos of your Knitting Group earlier on (I am too lazy to make 2 comments!!) but I do appreciate all the green. I always do!!! My hoodie only needs sewing up. That was LAST Winter: 2006!! Of course it is too warm now. Nice splicing!!!