Thursday, September 13, 2007

Hoodii Goodii!

The scrunchy grabbable, squidge-tastic Hoodii is coming along marvellously!

Along with the alteration of knitting the pattern 'in the round' ( or all in one piece, seeing as it's technically a cardigan opening at the front, and not a 'round' as such) I've decided to increase the amount of ribbing at the waist, to make for a longer jumper - I like a nice snuggly warm low jumper fit - I hate when my midriff gets cold when I lift up my arms!! So instead of knitting the k2p2 ribbing for 4 inches, I've decided on doing 6.

So I worked out what my overall Hoodii torso length would be given that additional 2 inches - and it came to 26".
hoodii length test
I marked out 26" on a piece of cotton and Voila! it's perfect! As you can see above(size comparison represented by the ring), measured against one of my other cardigans (I actually tested it against two different jumpers just to be sure!) I have a good 3 or 4 inches of length over and above the torso length of that waist long work-style black cardi. Hurrah!!

I'm absolutely loving this yarn now, too! My initial concerns upon receiving the yarn, was that it was quite coarse and not nearly the luscious texture I had in mind. But now that I'm knitting it up into more than a guage swatch, I'm really loving it! The swatch test proved that the yarn will also soften a little more once washed - so it can only get better from here!

Since I'm knitting the Hoodii in one piece, I'm able to sort of try it on as I go, although in a more clumsy way than with a normal top down jumper design - I have to juggle the edges and hold it on my waist to see what it's looking like, while making sure no stitches escape off the ends of the needles. I did this a short while ago and had a bit of a panic...
Hoodii waist
"Oh no!! It's too small! LOOK! There's a gap there in the middle - it won't meet even with the ribbing STRETCHED!! But I'm knitting the 44" bust! That should give me 2" of ease! Are my hips THAT out of proportion from my bust?!?!"

and then the moment of realisation...



...the BUTTON BAND!"

hehehe *dopey look* I had forgotten that of course the button band will add a few inches to the width of the cardi - ensuring a perfect fit! Phew!

Well, it's a deliciously rainy, wild and woolly evening out there tonight - so I'm off to bed to snuggle down with a nice warm lovely and knit some MORE!!

p.s. In other news.. it's quite difficult actually, to take a self timer shot of oneself whilst sporting a partially completed and tangle-tastic piece of knitware...
Hoodii shoot


Michelle said...

ooh!! you're finally knitting the CPH!!! are you coming to city nits this saturday??

Ann said...

It's coming along nicely - great job!

nuttnbunny said...

I'm with you on the midriff covering!

SP10 Karen said...

Your tempting me Sasha - I have some lovely handspun and my daughter needs a hoodie - perhaps I will be casting on for a Central Park Hoodie soon.

2paw said...

The CPH looks very lovely, and green!! I am glad other people have mental blocks as well!! Knitting in the round is such a good idea!!!