Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Oh dear..

I've been gripped by the sudden and ALL -ENCOMPASSING desperate urge to knit this out of this.

Thankfully I have the dreamy Artfibers Ming in my stash - which is the why/where of the birth of this plan - how could I not knit this up immediately?!!? I have waited SO. LONG. since welcoming it into my stash all the way from San Fran in a friend's suitcase. It needs knitting. It deserves knitting.

And don't they go well together? The pattern and the yarn?
I think so. And a quick, simple lace scarf like this shouldn't take too long? I'm excited!!

p.s. I'm aware this may be pushed to the back-burner given the number of knits on my needles at present.. but I wanted to be organic. I wanted to go where my passion pushed me, where the warm, fresh tasty sniff of a new knit and pattern blew in the wind! And I like that the yarn won't just be static, stagnant in my stash - it will be on its journey!

p.p.s I was editing the post just now, adding pictures and links etc.. and in the html what did I see? The word "justify" - code to align the paragraphs etc... *sigh* I admit it! That's what I was doing.. justifying the knit!! My blog sure knows me well by now!


Leah said...

Ohhhh, that is gonna be lovely! What a great color!

That apple cozy is quite the find as well! :)

Ann said...

I do understand that feeling as it happens to me all the time - the scarf looks great & it should be a quick knit - so carry on & cast on (which I love).

MissMeshell said...

Oh fabulous! It's going to be amazing, I love your yarn, such beautiful colours.