Monday, September 24, 2007

Quick knit!

Yesterday I whipped up a quick baby knit - very satisfying! All I have left o do is seam this little puppy together!
elf hat 2
It is one of the Elf Hats from the faaabulous Charmed Knits book! Such a cute little tea-cosy crown, and so quick to make as it's only garter stitch all the way :)
bendigo cotton
I used Bendigo Woollen Mills Harmony yarn, which is an entrancing blend of wool (30%), cotton (69.6%) and lycra (0.4%) - LYCRA! Yes folks, enough to give a bit of stretch and boing to your knitting - hurrah! But still a lovely soft yarn - delicious!
elf hat 1
I think it'll be perfect for my new little niece/nephew down here in windy Perth - but also good for my new little Darwin munchkin, when their family moves back up north - cotton will be great, not too hot!

It'lll look fab all seamed up - such a cute little top to this knit! We'll have to wait for it though - I've been cooking up a STORM tonight, for a co-worker's farewell lunch tomorrow. It's a bring'n'share function, and though I put myself down to bring a savoury dish (mini puff pizza wheels) I've also done up a golden muesli slice and I have mega-choc choc-chip cup cakes baking as we speak! Yay for baking! Yay for knitting! Yaaaaaay!


Ann said...

The food sounds yummy especially the choc chip cup cakes!

nuttnbunny said...

Yay is right! I'll have to check out that yarn. Have you ever tried Rowan Calmer? It sounds similar.

bink said...

Howdy.. just found a page I wanted to alert you to, and I can't be bothered opening my email so I'll put it here :)

Dunno if you've seen it.. looks really good :)