Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Bigger Oh Noes!!

Unfortunately this Hoodii post has not it turns out ended up being the "Hurrah! this is awesome! I'm about to start the cables!!" post I had in mind..

I've been knitting away at a great rate of knots, LOVING the knitted fabric, the tweedy goodness and the feeling of knitting my first jumper. Yesterday I reached the end of the ribbing - which is 6 inches seeing as I'm doing the body a little longer than normal.
cph 6 ribs size
SUCH excitement! The anticipation of being able to get cracking on the real pattern part of the jumper! So close! Just around the corner! I had to FORCE myself to Put. The. Knitting. DOWN!! and go to sleep! It was so tempting to keep going, but I told myself I it would have to wait 'til tomorrow.

Just as well I did. I've come across a bit of an obstacle.

I know.. an OBSTACLE! This is NOT what we want! I suppose it is a learning experience in disguise as an obstacle.. but I still have that sinking feeling in my stomach.

See, I've gone to start with the Right Front part of the pattern, on the RS and have decided that I will omit one stitch from the K18 on each Front, and omit 1 stitch from each of the two K18 sections on the Back - that way taking care of the 4 seam stitches. Simple, right?

Well! LITTLE did I know!!

It seems I may have buggered up utterly! *grim look* I think I may have needed to set up my ribbing differently. Instead of doing K2P2 all the way along, I may have needed to go K1P2K2P2 and continue on with normal 2x2 ribbing - but start with ONE KNIT/PURL STITCH! Oh no!! Have I totally come undone?! Will I have to frog SIX INCHES of 194 stitch wide fabric?!?! *slightly hysterical eye twitch*
cph acres
Look at it!! How can I frog that?!

*calms down a little* alright.. I have a plan.. I'll calm down. Then I'll eat some chocolate. Then I'll get out the graph paper and a pencil. Eat more chocolate. Poor a glass of Gin'n'Tonic with lemon. Mark out the ribbing.. eat more chocolate...

Let's see it we can figure this puppy out!!

p.s. By the way I'm VERY excited to be part of the Central Park Hoodie KAL which I've been stalking for some time and thoroughly enjoying all the CPHs being made and all the hot tips being discussed. I've posted a similar account of my ribbing woes over on the KAL - hopefully someone will come to my rescue with a simple twist or turn that will save me from frogstering my lovely knitting!!


Deborah said...

I post4ed a response to your question on the CPH KAL. I hope it helps. I also update my own blog regularly with my CPH progress. I have come across a couple of things while working on it and I explain it in my posts. I have just completed the whole body piece.

Ann said...

Don't panic - 1 option is to just knit the pattern as it is & not reduce the 4 stitches & that will not mess up your ribbing. I have knitted so many garments in 1 piece & had not bothered about reducing the stitches for seaming. Hope this helps.

Michelle said...

hi Sasha

hope you can resolve this obstacle soon!! hugz!!