Monday, December 17, 2007

Happenings and not happenings?

I've been quite anxious lately, not about the fast-approaching festivities, but simply in life and from the happenings and not happenings of life! Cryptic I know, but basically I've been realising I this anxiety is something about myself that will not just go away on its own, that I need to work at it and constantly challenge myself.

Last night I was feeling extremely wound up and ended up, in very un-Sasha style, completely gutting, cleaning and sorting the entire freezer! Look at that puppy sparkle!!
sparkling freezer
I've set up a fabulous schedule of tasks I want to complete and items I want to do within a time frame so I can feel secure that everything will get done and all will be well - because the schedule has sorted that out :)

Part of that scheduling involved looking at how much of the Swallowtail Shawl I need to complete each day in order to have it ready by the 25th.... well... about 6.75% per day. Which equals about 4 or 5 rows - which is doable, even around my hectic scheduling of events!!
lace troubles
Unfortunately last night as I was determined to get a few rows in as a head start, I found that not only am I one stitch over my stitch count for the row I'm on (the second nupp row of the first Lily Valley section) but I've also managed to get the stitches sort of out of alignment too!!


I know!! How did this happen!? So I stalled last night and put it down for the time being. I need quickness of mind and longevity of patience to have a look at it again - today after work hopefully. I'm wondering if I can just add one stitch on the part that is one stitch too few, then do a double decreased later in the row where the extra stitches are... See, what's happened is on top of the extra stitch that's in there, the mis-alignment is caused by one area having one less stitch that needed, and further on down the row another section having TWO extra stitches - the extra stitch plus the one that should have been earlier! And if I simply ignore the misalignment and knit away those lovely nupp and yarn over fans will start off not so fan-nish, they'll be right on top of each other for that first pair.. hmmm.. don't know.. requires more thought..

Any suggestions please do fire away!! :)

Lovely weekend has been spent with friends and loved ones :) I saw a lovely friend's new house and gifted her some housewarming goodies wrapped up in an appropriately coloured knit face-cloth

Dad and I spent the afternoon putting together his new outdoor setting, after which we of course had to test them out with cool drinks and whilst eating our dinner looking out at the view from his porch!
Dad and Chill on outdoor setting (6)
Chilli decided, to our hilarity, that she wanted a chair too (this was even before the pizza was produced) and first up put her paws and chest on the little table, resting there and eye us off - part of the team. Then she went the whole hog and popped her little back feet up there and clung to the mini-table determined that she'd stay up there as part of our crew, not just the dog sitting on the floor!! Look at how gorgeous she is!!
Dad and Chill on outdoor setting (3)

The Chrissie deckies are gradually making their migration from boxes in the cupboard and hallway to their rightful place on the tree, mantel piece and household surrounds
But I'm not rushing into it this year - I want it to be a family affair and enjoyed by all :)

Rightio, must dash, I'm behind on my schedule now seeing as the whimsy to post and not COMPLETELY neglect my blog seemed to grab me spontaneously so I ignored the " take bike out to the shed " schedule task in favour of sitting here to blog a little!


Rebekkah said...

Sasha, I don't know if you've figured out your solution yet, but I just finished the first nuppy chart (and 2 rows of the second one!), and have a good feel for how they're supposed to line up, so maybe I can help.

So each nupp is surrounded by a yarnover on each side. You work a row where you do the k, yo, k, yo, k into one stitch, p5tog on the way back to finish the nupp, and are now ready to start the next nupp prep row. What you'll want to be doing is making those nupp increases into the yarnover stitch on the outside side of the previous row's nupp. So in the half of the row before the center stitch marker it's going to be in the yarnover stitch right before the nupp, and in the half of the row after the stitch marker it's going to be in the yarnover stitch right after the nupp.

If your count is off, I'd first check to make sure that all of your nupps from the first set up nupps have a yarnover on each side of them. If they don't, you should undo the purl row (I know, painful, but worth it!), and pick up the strand running between stitches to create any yarnover that is missing, so you can purl into that and be all set with your nupps. If your count is off because you screwed up a decrease somewhere, I'd totally fudge it on the next nupp setup row, and just make sure you make all your nupps in proper relation to the previous round of nupps, so they line up all prettily in the shawl.

I hope that helps! You were so right about doing those nupp setups loosely. They're a piece of cake, that way!

2paw said...

Nupps??? I want to say how cute Chilli is!! What a lovely dog!!!