Monday, February 04, 2008

*drum roll*

And the winner is..... !!!

Yes indeed, it's FINALLY time to reveal who was drawn out of the Fantabulous Birthday Goodie Bag hat - except.. it's not a hat they're drawn out of, and that was the delay! I couldn't decide how to actually -draw- the winner! I decided a hat was not exciting enough for my tastes, then all of a sudden it came to me!

gum ball machine!

This fabulous cast iron, dinky di gumball machine made its way to me from my parents - the initial owners and adorers of such a fabulous item! I've had it decorating my surroundings since I was a teenager and now it sits happily upon the mantel piece bench and.. well doesn't do very much except look nice.

Until now!!

I armed myself with the following materials:
tasty peanut m&m and jaffas

initial entrants
a black permanent pen

many ten cent pieces!

and a big bowl of 'randomizers' to put into the fabulous Gumball Machine, and we were off!! Of course I had an m&m AND a jaffa written on for the people that had given me their excellent suggestions for future fantabulous dress up parties!

So... Put the coin in.. turn the knob and who will it beeeee!!?!????!!!

no one.
no one

hmm... some randomisers!

This happened quite a lot actually and I had to scrounge around in my wallet and such to find any 10c pieces lying about so I wouldn't have to take the gumball machine apart to re-use the others!

But then FINALLY... The first price Fantabulous Birthday Goodie Bag person...
Shaz ball!

Hurrah! :)

Shaz takes home the delicious un-birthday gift of this luscious skein of The Knittery's Merino Cashmere Sock 4ply yarn - mmm...
knittery cashmere sock sea life
In colourway 'Sea Life' - I can tell you as I browsed Knitting Inspirations' yarns to decide which one to purchase as the un-birthday giftie this one was an easy choice for such supreme softness and mooshability! Hope you enjoy it Shaz!

I couldn't help myself though, from picking ANOTHER fantabulous un-birthdayer, and just kept turning that knob til I found one!

Who should pop out but the blue m&m of..

Ann ball!

I saw Ann at Citiknits this weekend past so was able to gift her the little goodie she received - a gift voucher for a set of Aija's stunning stitch markers over at Zero Markers. Such delicious freshwater pearl and semi-precious stone stitch markers, nice and light to hold on your needles and SO divine, yay for Ann! :)

Thanks everyone for your birthday wishes and for getting involved :) I had so much fun with this, apart from being so delayed, and will definately have another one soon.. just as soon as I know what to quiz you on next.. hmm...


shazzy said...

ooooooooooooooooooo me me me .... you are such a great chook ... oooo my little heart is going 100 miles a hour

2paw said...

How very funny!! Thanks for the green M&M!!!

Ann said...

Thanks so much for the lovely prize & this is the 1st time that I have won! I have checked out the store but can't decide on which stitch markers, so will go back for another browse. Thanks again!