Tuesday, April 29, 2008

It's always tricky...

I find it's always a bit tricky getting back into blogging after a bit of a break - so I've decided to just jump right back in - FIE to the consequences and potential lack of coherent order!

Lately life has been very very busy and very very fun.. we've had a little Monkey Pup in our midst! Scrumptious Bum's son came down to spend the school holidays with us and we've had SUCH a blast spending the time together and getting up to all sorts of adventures!

Making rockets, bike building, camping, jenga, blind-folded painting, Fantastic Mr Fox, making brick houses, totem tennis, totem soccer, colouring in, playing footy, picnicking, dog beach, darts, visiting the museum, movie nights, fishing, toasted marshmallows, dentist visit, taco night, hot cocoas, mountain biking, piano playing, footy night, race cars - PHEW!

He is such a fantastic little dude, with such a sweet heart but lots of spunk too!

Knitting and spinning did happen amongst all of the excitement and adventures, but more on that later :) For now it's back to the normal hum-drum of life - I have study to catch up with!

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Ann said...

Now I know why we have been missing you - you really had been BUSY! Hope to see you soon.