Monday, May 19, 2008

Dad's Hiking Socks!


I have finished Dad's socks! *beams*

Dads socks! may08
Chilli helped Dad model the socks - see how enthusiastic she is?

These had been languishing on the needles for some time, but after giving them some serious dedication they were finished in no time! Yay! =)

I found the Lana Grossa Meilenweit Mega Boots Stretch nice to work with, although a little easy to split at times (general knitting was fine but for doing increases etc..) due to the multiple colour ply and springiness of the twist! But of course the coloured plies are what gives this yarn such a gorgeous colour transition, and the springiness gives the finished fabric sucha nice bounce factor! Perfect for lots of walking!

Dad was delighted with his socks, as he's been aware of their creation since Christmas time and has seen the first sock come off the needles and as such has watched their journey from yarn to object! He was very excited when I brandished them for him and tried them on immediately (even though lunch was on the table going cold!) with such glee! He then said he needed to test them, and did a little sashay around the room, flicking his feet out as he walked! Heheee!! John Cleese would be proudof such a silly walk! =D

Dads socks may08
Two warm sets of tootsies!

The results from the sashay came in a resounding success! Great fit, perfect height and excellent coloura - hurrah!! I actualy think one of the socks ended up a little longer in the foot than the other - how that happened I don't know, since I check and rechekced measurements so often! But nevermind, Dad said it'll be perfect to tell the left sock from the right sock - as one of his feet (like mine!) is ever-so-slightly larger than the other! Yaaay!!

So all in all a very positive (if somewhat tardy!) sock knitting expedition! Plus, now that I've found out that the Mega Boots yarn is machine washable Dad's even taking them away on holiday with him! They shall be very well travelled socks indeed =)

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Ann said...

The socks look great. You have become such a good knitter & turning out fantastic FOs.