Tuesday, May 06, 2008


Things are feeling a little stressful today - it's times like these I try to focus on the loveliness around me, like my knitting - soft and soothing, and the creakingly bendingly well laden chilli plants in the garden

laden chillies


Lushorama said...

...chin up...xxxx

2paw said...

Hope things look up soon.

Madame Leiderhosen said...

You, Delicious Divine Fantastic Sasha, made me HOWL with laughter on the Quirky Quiz to the point I thought it best that I remain the bathroom for the duration of the episode. (And I don't put everything in caps lightly.)

You are this week's fabulous Superhero in my tiny universe. I can't tell you how desperately I needed that gasping, choking, hiccupping delight this week.

I am so glad to see your face on Ravelry so that if you stumble into my neighborhood (by miracle or accident) and haven't got your fancy Glow in the Dark Halo of Humor on, we can recognize Sasha and shower her with applause, gratitude and sweet sticky things.
Thank you ever so much.