Tuesday, August 19, 2008

10 days

Goodness gracious...

Doesn't time fly when you're... well, not having fun exactly, but cloistered-away-in-an-alternate-reality-time-vortex fits the bill pretty succinctly.

Have been moving steadily along with my current knits but also have a lovely practical quick and easy FO to share, the pattern for which I am thoroughly in love with and recommend to all who wish for practical quick and easy FOs! But more on that later when I can upload pretty pictures to accompany the text!

So this is really just a little catch-up visit, popping my head in the doorway of the blog to check it's still here and apologise for tardiness in posting. Although most hours of the day are reasonabley regimented (bus leaves from camp at 6am, bus returned from site to camp at 5pm, pub shuts at 6:30, re-opens at 7, dinner room closes at 8pm etc..) and hence one's day is also regimented to a certain extent - it's still something of a surprise how each evening pans out up here working FIFO. I might be so certain that I'll go home, do my washing and have an early night - and I end up out at a pub off camp staying up til all hours, washing left scattered carelessly! So you see how easy it is to have the best intentions for a well informed and updated blog.. and yet.. not reach that somehow..

But I'll keep trying ;) and I'll post pictures too

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inoriz said...

Yess please post peektures!!!

Miss you here with us. :(

BTW, you are tagged. (again). LOl.