Saturday, January 17, 2009


I'm feeling very fecked off.

*commence rant*

When a government decides to sell off public amenities such as power, gas and.... telecommunications... things can go pear shaped.

We're working in a pretty remote area at the moment and the only form of internet available is via wireless modem, which is only given by ONE provider. So of course one is obliged to sign up with them, or relinquish access to teh internets for 4 weeks at a time - the latter is not an option.

And so this company signs up THOUSANDS of people to the wireless get-up, all using the same single provider in the same area. So when everyone knocks off after work and heads home, they're all logging on at the same time and.. uh! whaddaya know?! The provider can't handle it so you get status reports like "Network busy. Try again later." when trying to connect to a service you pay FULL price for.

If you can't provide the service, don't sign people up.

Or - like a nightclub or air service - if there's only room for x amount of people before things go pear shaped - ONLY SIGN UP x AMOUNT OF PEOPLE!

*end rant*

Thankyou for your time.

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Amanda said...

Yep, what she said!