Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Blocking out the Canopy

I've been a little bit of a slump lately so I've unconsciously avoided blogging I think - even though I have a lovely finished knit to share - though that photos aren't as fabulous as they could be, given the current camera situation though they'll have to do!
F C Shawl Pre-Blocking  (10)
I finished the Forest Canopy Shawl in about 5 days - a record for me for lace, though it is rather small. Here it is pre-blocking the colours are most accurate in the second picture here.
F C Shawl Pre-Blocking  (5)
This yarn is an absolute dream to work with. 100% Tussah silk from Art Fibers - an amazing San Fransiscan yarn store I would definitely like to get to know a little better!
F C Shawl Pre-Blocking  (9)
I didn't use much yarn since the shawl is rather small - only 5 repeats of the pattern, and an extra few rows of the edging. So I have a fair amount left on the cone to knit up something else with it - an experience I very much look forward to.
F C Shawl Pre-Blocking  (3)
I made the shawl smaller than the pattern as I needed to get it done quickly but without a feeling of pressure and being rushed. Being that it's a prayer shawl of sorts for a couple here on site who lost their baby after childbirth, I wanted all positive and supportive emotions tied in to the yarn.
FC Shawl Blocking5
Here is the shawl pinned out being blocked. I've taken a few shots of it completed and all perdy - but they're rather rubbish, so I may try to take some more rather than rely on those..


Michelle said...

you finished knitting a shawl in 5 days??? OMG!! are you a super knitting woman?????

Ann said...

The shawl looks great & I love the color. It does make a great gift.