Monday, February 23, 2009

Just Add Water

There has been some pretty gnarly weather up here in the Pilbara lately.

It seems that when it rains, it really does pour - and the ground can't absorb all the water fast enough.
When I first came up here I wondered why there were such huge drains (by huge I mean over 5ft deep and 6 ft wide) all over camp and through town, great gigantic troughs - how could there EVER be so much water to fill these enormous drains?!
Well.. now I know!

These are pictures of a river nearby - the river bed is very deep and should be more than sufficient for river flow - and yet look at these shots!


On the mine site we were not immune either. Equipment damage, small land slides and even this...

Water Damage container

Yep. That's a sea container. A great big metal sea container. Oh yeah, and those are cyclone tie-downs next to it - the big solid concrete slabs with high-tensile wires? They're to stop the container lifting off in a cyclone. That entire unit was swept off by the flooding waters and dumped where you see it there, part way up the slope.

Pretty extreme, huh?!


Robyn said...


It always amazes me how diverse the weather in this state can be and how extreme

Hope your keeping dry :)

Amanda said...

How about bucketing a bit of that water over here to Victoria?