Saturday, March 14, 2009

52 Book Challenge!

I've always enjoyed reading, and begun my love of books very early in life. I remember reading much larger books than the rest of my peers (apart from my longtime childhood partner-in-crime Zoe, who was also an early bookworm and would read giant vetinarian tomes!) and found much inspiration, imagination and wonderful worlds of creativity in the pages of every book I encountered.

Over the last few years I've noticed my reading has greatly reduced. Due in part to my knitting obsession I think, and also now that I live with mah shweetie we tend to do things together, like watching movies (and knitting), playstation (and knitting), remote control buggy adventures (and knitting), shooting the air-rifle in the back yard (and knitting) - the times I'm not engaging in the activity itself, I'm watching and knitting merrily away. So we don't spend much time in quiet individual pursuits where I could read (and knit). Which is fine - I love the shweetie times of course :) But I also miss the reading and being completely absorbed in another world or fascinating tale.

So I was delighted to find the 52 Books challenge and am already in the throes of devouring as many books as possible in the year!
52 Book challenge
I'd seen a few book challenges over Christmas time - some for reading 100 books, some for reading science fiction etc.. but I liked the simplicity (and realism for me!) of the 52 Book challenge - and I'm thrilled the group has a Ravelry Forum too!

So I'll be attempting to tick off 52 books this year - an average of one per week. Luckily audio books are included, as I'm able to listen to them while I carry out the more mundane and mindless tasks at work.

So far my tally is as follows;

Eat Pray Love - Elizabeth Gilbert
Hatchet - Gary Paulsen
Dead Until Dark (audio)- Charlaine Harris
Living Dead in Dallas (audio) - Charlaine Harris

As you can see I'm a little behind schedule, seeing as I only got on the band wagon around the start of February - but that's ok!! I'm sure I can make up the difference :)

I'm off work sick today (and yesterday) with the dreaded lurgey, so I plan to spend a lot of time lolling phlegmishly around in bed knitting and listening to audio books as I try to fend off the bugs!


Ann said...

I have the same problem since I started knitting. Now I read everyday for only 30 mins before bed. Good luck on your reading & hope you are feeling better.

2paw said...

I love to read but it dies interfere with my knitting and vice versa. The listening to books are a good idea. Hatchet is great, have you read the sequels too??? I read it to my class that was mainly boys one year (19/27!!)Oh Good Luck!!