Tuesday, March 03, 2009


I am very much looking forward to this R&R - in fact it's safe to say I can hardly wait!

This swing feels like it has been 9 weeks away from home, not just 4!
The fact I have such delicious fabrics, my lovely sewing mahcine and much fibrous goodness to spin up all awaiting me isn't making the count down any easier!

Magic mushroom fabric

Thank goodness the count down is only "1 sleep to go" ;)


Inoriz said...

Goodness, I bought the same fabric too! Shrooms! But mine are a different colour....

Nevertheless, WE HAS SAME TASTE!!!!!!!

Ok, can you please meet up this time round? It's been too long and I've forgotten how you look like already. Tee hee... And you need to scrawl in the book you gave to me too.

2paw said...

Guess what?? I have some of that too!!!

Inoriz said...

Hey 2paw! We all have good taste! Mushroomy taste.. yummm~

Michelle said...

that mushroom fabric is utterly cute!!!!!