Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hey Presto!

Inspired by blocking out the front panel and seeing it in all its finished glory (isn't blocking some kind magic?!) I decided it was high time to seam up the rest of the Presto Chango cardigan.

It turns out that I really don't mind seaming and sewing knit garments up at all.
The only reason the task gets so put off is that I feel I need sufficient light, a goodly chunk of time (not just on the bus or waiting in line time) and probably the largest factor - nothing too interesting to divert my eyes!

Most of my knitting and crafting happens either in social settings of some kind, or in front of the tv which is showing either the current PS3 game in full swing, or any variety of movies or shows. Seaming, I've discovered, is much like challenging lace; I can't complete it to any satisfaction when my eyes need to be trained on either the tv or the people I'm interacting with - I need to be able to focus!
The occasional glance upwards is fine, as is listening and talking of course - but this is sufficient dterrant that I always seem to take ages to sew things up!

I'm so glad I made the time yesterday to complete the cardi though, it is always so satisfying to have something finished :)


Not that the cardi is completely finished though, I must still add buttons to fit with the somewhat drunken buttonholes.
I'm wondering though.. what's the go with buttons on baby garments?
My instinctive reaction is to keep babies as far from buttons as possible, and yet I see them on knit garments quite often.


I'll check with the Mama of this particular little one before I go sewing buttons on just in case :)


Jackie said...

It looks fantastic! I think the buttons are just supposed to be really secure on there... Even on store-bought baby clothes, I see buttons all the time. Maybe they warn to only let them wear it under close supervision?

2paw said...

It looks great!! I have no button ideas, I have enough trouble trying to find a good button in the first place!!