Tuesday, April 21, 2009

= 'knit'

As I mentioned previously I'm rather obsessed with shawls lately, and I've also been admiring the beautiful wares from A Verb For Keeping Warm.

To this end I decided a "two birds with one purchase" action was required!

I had been yearning for orange, a big splashy fabulous orange and when I saw the Thai Iced Tea in all its shimmery glory I fixated on it as just the perfect orange! I was even more so smitten with the Jade colourway of Verb's alpaca silk. I bookmarked the page and often went back to gaze and sigh while admiring the pictures!

So after this lengthy yarn "stalking" (as Nicole from Stash'and'Burn would say) I decided to take the plunge. And before too long this lovely parcel was awaiting me at the post office!


And inside...?


Ohhh how delightful!!

AVFKW Jade (2)

These two plump and luscious skeins of Alpaca Silk are destined to become a delicious giant shawl somewhere in their future.

AVFKW Jade (6)

But for now I'm happy to enjoy them in their yarn-y form; the winds and bends of glossy yet soft strands - almost edible!!


The 100% Baby Alpaca is no less divine...

AVFKW Thai Iced Tea

The gentle halo and that fabulous orange - ooooh! What's not to love, cherish, squeeze and adore?! (any non fibre-ista would assume I'm talking about babies or puppies...)

AVFKW Thai Iced Tea (1)

Who isn't charmed by.. well.. charms?! A sweet little stitch marker nestled in amongst the skeins too :)


Kristine is SO magically friendly and wonderful, it's an extra added bonus and makes me want to run on back to snaffle up more of her gorgeous yarns and fibre. I'm very much looking forward to experiencing this yarn in the relevant verb, which in this instance will be 'knit. But in he future I hope to enjoy such verbs as 'card' and 'spin' with wares from Kristine's fabulous store, and of course my favourite verb for keeping warm - 'snuggle' with the end products :)


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