Wednesday, May 06, 2009

52 in 52 - April Recap

I seemed to have read quite voraciously through April and have four completed titles to add to my 52 Book Challenge list, and several more that I'm a goodly way through.

Carbonel - Barbara Sleigh
The Hundredth Monkey - Ken keyes, Jr
84 Charing Cross Rd - Helene Hanff
The Duchess of Bloomsbury St - Helene Hanff


All of these books are reasonabley slim on the volume, but rich and dense in the way they make me feel. Carbonel, and Barabra Sleigh's books are all set in times gone by and remind me of the seemingly "simple" ways of life back then. The importance of good manners, how tasty a home made sandwich can be, and the significance of appreciating the small pleasures in life.
Very sweet stories indeed.


The Hundredth Monkey gives an interesting concept based on the collective consciousness phenomenon noticed amongst Japanese monkeys (but perhaps erroneously extrapolated in this book). The Nuclear Threat theme is certianly not the buzz-word or major concern of the moment, but the cencepts and passion in the little book can be applied to most societal evils, perhaps we should distribute an Anti-GMO Hundredth Monkey edition...?

So my April cumulative tally of 12 books in 16 weeks (75%) is an improvement on March's 8 books across 12 weeks (66%) so we're on the Up-and-Up!

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