Saturday, June 06, 2009

The Good Word

I want to share a little something with you - as if we're in a little village or community where word spreads fast - both good words and bad words - where stories are shared, advice given and opinions sought. This is the good news, hot tip kind of word spreading - so I hope you'll excuse it as it does seem a little ad-like...

I am in ~luff~ with Tinderbox.
As you can see I've tried a little range of their goodies so far.

I'm always on the look out for good quality, environmentally- and body-friendly products from independant producers. Putting chemical-filled creams and things on to my skin and in to my body has always seemed wrong to me, and I'm a stalwart label reader at the shops! I'm so delighted to have found a range of products that make me feel good, both morally for buying local, and physically for the encouraging results I see in my skin, face and wellbeing.

Oooh the delights of finally finding a range of products that work for your body and are reasy to get a hold of!!

I highly recommend trying them out if you're not happy with any of your personal products - be they women's, men's or general goodies check out their website : I mean even their URL is good for the soul - always makes me smile!!

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Ann said...

I am also using some of their products - I love the cleansing lotion.