Monday, July 20, 2009


My goodness what a neglectful blogger I have been...
My only excuse is that it's so very hard to get decent internet access up here - in the morning we're scrambling to get ready for work, at work it's flat out and at knock off time when everyone descends upon the camp en masse the internet gets so choked up it's unusable!

So since I now have an opportunity to at last give an update - I'll waste no more time in excuses and simply get on to the GOOD sutff- the KNITTING stuff ;)

No posts certainly hasn't meant no action - I've been tarrying away on a few knits including the fabulous malabrigo cowls ready for snowboarding in... 2 weeks! :D

I wound up the luscious buttery softness of the malabrigo - the Pearl Ten really is a unique mixture of brown, grey and even the slightest tinge of purple - like the opalescent glimmer of purple in a duck or raven's feathers.

Malabrigo Pearl Ten

This next shot is an appalling representation of colour - ignore the shade completely! I took this photo at sunset and the no-flash camera and sunset combined give a truly inaccurate shade!

Checkered Cowl

It does give an idea of how the cowl has come together though. Fully completed and very well received, the checkers work really well and show quite distinctly. The checkers were in repeats of 12 stitches, and I think I cast on 96 . To get the most snuggly height of cowl combined with that width I used almost an ENTIRE SKEIN! Mental, I know o.O

On to my own lovely Mmmmalabrigo cowl now and I'm loving it so far - just look at that ORANGE!
Malabrigo Glazed Carrot - winding

I'm still a huge fan of the these cowl colours together:

nice combo!

Maybe I'll have enough left over to combine to two in a matching hat or beret...?

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Ann said...

The cowl is looking good & I like the stitch pattern. Happy knitting.