Thursday, September 03, 2009

Forecast for spinning

I've had spinning on the brain lately, so this R&R the forecast was for spinning!

spinning - spunky - pie in the sky

This fibre has been marinating in my stash for some time - it's the lovely Forecast from my time in the Spunky Eclectic Fibre of the Month club, and the subtle shades are just gorgeous!

spinning - spunky - pie in the sky (3)

Truth be told I started spinning it up last R&R but was glad to go back to it again this break to finish it up...

spinning - spunky - pie in the sky (2)

I still have a little to go though as I got sidetracked with other spinning projects (more on them later) and now I'm glad I was delayed actually, as the Spin Control I ordered has arrived - WOot WOot! SO now I can look through the book and figure out how I want to ply this up. I had been pondering attempting a Navajo Ply perhaps...

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