Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Ta Da!!

Well the anticipation for the contest has certainly been building these last *ahem* ten days... and I not only have a prize, but a lovely somebody to present it to also!

Thank you all so so very much for all the suggestions - there is such an amazing buffet of information out there to keep a novice quilter researching, bookmarking and craving for more!

Since I've already kept you all waiting for so long I shan't delay any longer in declaring the prize and prizee!

I assigned each recommendation a number and cruised over to random.org for my first ever random number generator experience!

Random Number

4? Number 4 = ERIVEN!!

I was so delighted that Eriven's number came up since I had in mind sending a little thank you parcel independent of the contest anyway since she provided such an incredibley expansive tome of suggestions!! So clearly the gods of random also thought you deserved to take the booty home!

And what is the booty I hear you ask?

The main component is a skein of this delicious, delectable and delightful Handmaiden Sea Silk!
Sea Silk

It is an absolute dream to knit with - I hope you enjoy it Eriven!

In keeping with the Quilty Theme I have a couple of fat quarters to pad the parcel and I'm sure I'll find some other goodies too ;)

Thank you again to everyone who contributed, sorry for the delay, congratulations to you Eriven and a big thank-you hug!!

p.s The delay has been so long I actually have some quilty style projects to share already!

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