Friday, October 16, 2009


Well.. after an INTENSE week of step mum life including loads of fun, challenges, tender moments, frustration, laughter, tears, excitement, exhaustion, delight, wonder and learning across all fields... I am BACK!!

Plan to claw my way back in to control of my life any moment now - tidying things up around the house, finishing abandonned projects, replying to emails, updating Ravelry, uploading pictures to flickr, catching up on Bloglines and all those things that were put to the back-burner while we had a spunky 9 year old staying with us!

I can hardly wait until next time we have Scamp to stay - every time we see him we're more and more bonded and seem to have a better time than the last. This time we even did some crafting - not something this very sports oriented boy has ever seemed interested in before.
Sewing Scamp
And he loved it!
Pencil case is still unfinished due to camping and riding, shooting range adventures, reading our book, playing wii, visiting family, remote control car, learning to juggle, playing darts, bush walks, cooking, watching movies and toasting marshmallows.....

But we can finish it off amongst all our other adventures of next time!!

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bon008 said...

Ack, I'm exhausted just reading about it!!

If only they could put your energy in a bottle and sell it - you'd be rich! :D

Nice to have you back :)