Wednesday, November 04, 2009

My Retro Skirt!

Allow me to finally display.. My first sewn skirt!

retro skirt!

Terrible photo - at night with a mobile phone - bad combo!

But I didn't have time to take a better one at the time, and now I have washed the skirt and discovered it DEMANDS ironing after a wash! Ah well...

The gorgeous monochromatic retro flower print was actually nestled in amongst a scrap grab bag of fabric I snatched up when I first bought my sewing machine. My shweetie suggested a grab bag of fabric practice on, and lo! This fabulous fabric (I keep almost typing 'yarn' I'm so used to always utlising THAT craft material!) was in amongst the mish mash, in two long strips.

I took the pattern from my favourite skirt, but had to adjust it to suit to strips of fabric - hence the black panels!

Over all I'm very happy with it, the only downfall being the recently discovered high maintenance nature of the fabric! Ah well, a quick ironing and I'm off! Promise to take some better photos once the iron has been wielded ;D


2paw said...

I love your skirt, what a fabulous print and I love the panels. Oh the ironing: maybe iron it while it is still a little damp????

bon008 said...

Ooh, so gorgeous!!

That is so impressive :)

Jackie said...

It looks great!!!

jenny said...

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