Friday, December 04, 2009

I Only Like Pompoms as a Friend

not quite yet pompoms

I fell in love with the 'i HEART pompoms' pattern and after some extensive Ravelry stalking, finally cast on! Knitting with the Bendigo Alpaca yarn is a dream, it's perfect for this pattern and so lovely


I'm only moment from the finish line with this one - it is sitting on my shelf pompom-less and bereft, I really must get my act together, whip up a couple of pompoms and cord and then it will be DONE!

not yet pompoms


2paw said...

You look so sad sitting there all alone without your pompom. I saw someone make a pompom with a 2/3 annulus, so just an arc really, and it is so much easier to wind the wool round. looking...

bon008 said...

I love the title of this post :D

Oh goodness.. if anything was ever going to suck me into crafting, it's that link you posted, 2paw!!

So many gorgeous small projects..

Katt said...

love the hat!! looks great..sadly i am so not a fan of pompoms..wonder if itwould lookjust as good without them?

Ann said...

The hat looks great even without a pompom (sorry, I am not a fan of pompom).

jenny said...

The deck looks like a great place to sit & knit. It's great to share your knitting with your Mum. Have a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year.

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