Friday, January 15, 2010

Organic Icecream


Organic Icecream (1)

I knit this little number up in a jiffy, sometime back in October (thank you Ravelry!) and it only took me one evening since it's such a wee little thing! I've finally sewn in the ends and realised I hadn't taken an FO shot, so here we are :)

It reminds me of a scoop of wonderful creamy delicious ice cream - don't you think?!

Knit out of Bernat Organic Cotton, it's destined for one of the tiny people who seem to be popping up (out?) everywhere!


2paw said...

Oh it is delicious!! Looks like passionfruit flavour I think.

bon008 said...

Adorable :)

I think it might be mango though!! Maybe Mango & passionfruit :)