Saturday, February 27, 2010

Bolts Need Cosies Too!

Following in the tradition of the red and black bolt cosy I knit up for my Shweetie's birthday - I felt the other bolts would need cosies too or they'd start to feel left out!

Bolt Cosy

This particular bolt cosy is for the bolt of our largest bore rifle - the Steyr .243 (Shweetie's favourite!).

I used a ball of Spotlight Basics Entwine in a nicely mottled natural sort of shade - a very thick yarn so it creates excellent padding for the bolt.

Bolt Cosy 2

I whipped up a little lining from the black velveteen mah Shveetie chose, but I cut the piece a little too small and had to do a very thin seam allowance and.... it's come apart!! So I need to re-sew the lining, but apart from that, this little bolt is feeling very warm and fuzzy with it's new bolt cosy!

p.s. Inspired by Ann, I too am making some blog renovations - so please bear with me until I iron out all the creases!

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bon008 said...

Sweet :)

I love the new look of your blog! That reminds me, I'd been meaning to replace the header image on mine. Must try to find a nice skinny picture..