Sunday, March 28, 2010


This little beastie has caused some serious knitting delays this past week!

warhol knitting bag

Yes, my little red drawstring knitting bag went AWOL and after two days wherein I thought I'd simply left it at home and forgotten to bring it in to work, I then realised I hadn't brought it in because it coudn't be FOUND!
Of course fretting ensued, combined with frantic vehicle and room searching - but who knows where it could have gotten to?! As far as I'm aware I'm the only knitter on the construction site, but you never know! Someone could have found the abandonned wee bag and decided to try their hand at it!

A particularly stressful loss as the bag contained two WIPs - one a half finished gift due in mere DAYS (sorry Bon!) and the other a weeny little iPod cosy for a friend's daughter (with no immediate timeline apart from that the parent failed to comprehend the effects of TELLING the 5-and-a-half year old that a hot pink hnd knit iPod cosy was on its way *sigh*).

So alas, I thought all was lost...

But today my scrumptious shweetie found my wee baggie!! :D

knitting  bag!

So now I can once again sleep at night! Well.. once the gifts are finished I can ;)

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Ann said...

Thank goodness, you found the bag! I would be frantic if I lost 2 wips.